Insects and Spiders

These resources for Years 7-10 students focus on insects, spiders and other terrestrial invertebrates. The study of insects and spiders has curriculum links to Science Knowledge and Understanding, The Arts and Interpersonal Development.

The kit consists of excursion resources and additional resources.

Excursion resources

These PDF files relate directly to an excursion to the Bugs Alive! exhibition at Melbourne Museum. The Exhibition trails (see below) should be discussed with students before the excursion.

ResourceYear LevelPDF Link
Middle Years Trail 7-9 80Kb
Later Years Trail 9-10 87Kb
Live Bugs Trail 7-10 30Kb

Additional resources

These PDF files provide background information about insects and spiders and suggest activities to do at home or at school.

ResourceYear LevelPDF Link
Activities for Years 7-10 Classrooms 7-10 756Kb

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