Philosophy Guides

Stimulate philosophical inquiry and encourage the development of higher-order thinking processes necessary for creative problem-solving, decision making and conceptualising, by taking your students on a philosophical tour of Melbourne Museum.

These guides provide teachers and students with some ideas and resources as to how to approach philosophical enquiry at Melbourne Museum. The education pages provide access to a wide range of self guided resources that can be incorporated into this enquiry.

By posing complex questions the activities in these guides frame an enquiry that gives the students the opportunity to think broadly, independently and conceptually around a whole range of issues that are inherent in the various permanent exhibitions at Melbourne Museum.

Activities from each of the guides can be adapted for students at all year levels.

ResourceFile type & sizeYear level
Primary philosophy trails Pdf, 518kb 3-5
Mid Years philosophy trail Pdf, 464kb 5-9
VCE philosophy trail Pdf, 514kb 11-12

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