Wild - Primary

The Wild exhibition and the resources in the kit will interest students and teachers studying animals and conservation. The activities link closely with the VELS domains of Science, Mathematics, English and Geography.

The classroom activities are divided into those that are suitable for lower primary students and those that are suitable for upper primary students. Lower primary activities are designed to encourage students to think widely about the diversity of animal life, while upper primary activities focus on animal classification, adaptations and biodiversity issues.

ResourceFile type & sizeYear level
Primary Teacher Notes PDF, 757kb Prep-6
Biodiversity Student Trail PDF, 355kb 4-6
Primary Activities P-4 PDF, 852kb Prep-4
Primary Activities 5-6 PDF, 759kb 5-6
Wild exhibition floor plan PDF, 175kb Prep-6

This education kit has been developed by Museum Victoria with funding from the Department of Sustainability and the Environment.

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