Evolution and Fossils

Students working on their film
Students working on their film.
Source: Museum Victoria

The Evolution and Fossils package will allow your students to observe real fossils, from megafauna to dinosaurs, and have immersive experiences of geological time, the fossil record, watch videos of Australian palaeontologists and explore the mechanisms of evolution, as well as developing their understanding of evolution and the fossil record by creating a 60 second movie clip.

This package includes the Evolution: 600 million years in 60 seconds education program, as well as booked time in the 600 Million Years, Dinosaur Walk and Darwin to DNA exhibitions.

An example itinerary could be:
10am – Arrive and general viewing of exhibition
11am – Visit 600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves exhibition
11:30am – Evolution: 600 million years in 60 seconds education program
12:30pm – lunch
1:30pm – Visit Darwin to DNA exhibition
2pm – Leave to go back to school

Available Terms 1-4, Thursdays and Fridays

Cost: $4.40 per student + education service fee.