Mini Beasts

Student sorting real bugs into groups
Student sorting real bugs into groups.
Source: Museum Victoria

Using a range of strategies that support different ways of thinking and learning, in the Mini Beasts package students will explore hundreds of live and preserved bugs, and learn of their importance in the Bugs Alive! exhibition, as well as having a hands-on program with a museum staff member. During the excursion, students are encouraged to examine real bugs with hand lens working like scientists by recognising simple patterns and describing them, and discovering for themselves what makes a bug an insect or spider.

This package includes the Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! staff led education program, as well as booked time in the Bugs Alive!, Forest Secrets and Wild exhibitions.

An example itinerary could be:
10am – Supervised general viewing/morning tea
11am – Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! program
11:30am – Bugs Alive! exhibition
12pm – lunch
1pm – Wild exhibition
1:30pm – Forest Secrets exhibition

Available Terms 1 - 4, Monday to Friday

Cost: $5.00 per student plus education service fee.