The Human Body

The skeletal system
The skeletal system, as seen in the Human Body exhibition.
Source: Museum Victoria

This package gives students an insight into the fascinating and often surprising way in which the human body works. Students will take part in the museum staff-led, interactive Body Show program. They will then have the opportunity to enter the exhibitions and explore the human body and mind.

The Human Body exhibition explores human biology in a straightforward and engaging way, explaining the fundamental processes of cells and the major body systems. The Mind: Enter the Labyrinth exhibition explores the workings of the human mind.

An example itinerary could be:
10am The Body Show program
11am The Human Body exhibition
12pm lunch
1pm The Mind: Enter the Labyrinth exhibition

Available Terms 1 & 2, Mondays & Wednesdays.
Cost: $3.30 per student plus education service fee.