A Load of Old Rubbish? - Melbourne Story

Years 7-9, Program led by museum staff

What techniques do historians employ? What are their sources of evidence? How do we know what the people of the past ate, drank, read, played with, dreamed, thought and argued about? A Load of Old Rubbish? focuses on the Little Lon section of The Melbourne Story in the late 1800s. It invites students to consider what we can learn from the rubbish we leave behind.

Little Lon recreates a laneway, two workers’ cottages from this time period, and includes finds made during archaeological digs in the area, as well as models of the strata explored in the digs. In addition, soundscapes and multimedia create an atmosphere that invites students to puzzle out the meaning and purpose of the objects on display.

The staff led program will provide students with hands on experience with objects from this period, and the background knowledge to conduct a ‘community of enquiry’ investigation within the exhibition.

This program has  links to Historical skills in the Australian Curriculum:

  • Sequencing historical events, developments and periods.
  • Identifying historical about the past to inform historical enquiry.
  • Archaeological evidence as a primary source.
  • Identify and describe points of view, attitudes and values in primary and secondary sources.
  • Develops students historical voice.

Available Term 1 - 4, Tuesday – Friday
Session times: 10am, 11.30am & 1pm
Session duration: 90 minutes (includes exhibition)

Maximum 30, minimum 15 students per session
Cost: $4.40 per student plus education service fee