Biodiversity Audio Trail

Years 7-10, Self guided

Two visitors view the Wild exhibition
Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world exhibition
Image: Dianna Snape
Source: Museum Victoria
Victoria’s land area supports a wider range of broad ecosystems than any area of similar size in Australia, which includes: the alps, the mallee, grasslands, grassy woodlands, forests, heathlands, inland waters, wetlands and coasts.

Many of these ecosystems are highlighted in the exhibitions of  Melbourne Museum. These audio guides act as a focus for students, highlighting aspects of each exhibition that explore Victoria’s unique biodiversity.

The mp3 files can be downloaded for free to a personal music devices for use when you visit the galleries . Alternatively, the museum provides free WIFI while on site, so you can listen online during your visit.

Please speak with the Bookings staff about being booked into the relevant galleries.

Audio TourFile
Introduction to Biodiversity Audio Tour (file size 3MB) Download MP3
Forest Gallery Biodiversity Audio Tour (file size 8MB) Download MP3
Milarri Garden Biodiversity Audio Tour (file size 3.5MB) Download MP3
Bugs Alive Biodiversity Audio Tour (file size 6.3MB) Download MP3
Wild Biodiversity Audio Tour (file size 4.3MB) Download MP3
Conclusion to Biodiversity Audio Tour (file size 500KB) Download MP3

Available Terms 1-4, Monday-Friday
Cost: education service fee