Forest Secrets - Secondary

Years 7-9, Self guided program

aerial view of a tree fern
Tree ferns in the Forest Gallery, Melbourne Museum
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria
Choose the self guided walk most suited to your students needs through the Forest Gallery, an external gallery designed to allow visitors to experience aspects of a particular forest environment with more than 8000 individual plants, 25-metre-tall gums and around 20 different vertebrate species, including snakes, birds, fish and frogs.

The Forest Secrets program encourages students to consider such questions as: Where do animals live? How do people interact with forest environments? What is the significance of fire for plants and animals? How do we classify organisms and how do their characteristics help them to survive?

An education kit, Secondary Forest Walks, with background information, student pre and post visit activities and walks to use in the exhibition is available online.

Available Terms 1-4, Monday-Friday.
Cost: education service fee.

03 8341 7767

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