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Past Event: 28 July 2015 to 30 July 2015

conserving a taxidermy bird
Source: Museum Victoria

Want to see what’s behind locked doors at Museum Victoria?

Museum Victoria’s conservators have the enormous task of preserving over 16 million objects and specimens. They analyse the significance of the objects' cultural and scientific context as well as their social, historical, and aesthetic value. They also work to preserve and slow the process of deterioration, ensuring objects are kept for generations to come.

This behind the scenes tour takes you to the Museum Victoria laboratory where objects are assessed and preserved for collection and exhibition. Meet the conservators to hear first-hand how this work is done.

Conservator Helen Privett says “we treat everything from the tiniest bugs to the biggest horse-drawn carriages, and whale skeletons all the way through to medals and coins. So there’s always diversity and it’s always interesting.”

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Andrea Skinner 15 March, 2015 16:50
Why is this event so expensive for members?
Karen 23 June, 2015 13:34
My thoughts exactly. It makes it nigh on impossible for families to support and share in their child's learning when the cost (and age restrictions) are so unrealistic. I look at what is on offer in museums overseas and weep (e.g.!
Discovery Centre 28 June, 2015 11:21
Hi Karen, thanks for the feedback. We are organising events and programs that suit a variety of different audiences, and we do have on offer a Behind the Scenes tour to our live exhibits area that is designed especially for families. We are in the process of developing other similar tours  for family audiences.
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