Post-visit activities

Purpose: To synthesise, analyse and communicate research and findings from the exhibition experience.

1. Organise content

Organise students into six groups according to the special topic they were allocated for the visit to the exhibition (e.g. ‘Origins’, ‘Pyramid of Power’ etc.).

Ask students to compare the notes they made during their museum visit, in response to the content question in the Exhibition Guide provided at the exhibition. 

Ask students to discuss what they know so far about their topic.

2. Share content

In order to gain a more complete picture of Aztec society, students will now need to share their findings with other groups. Form new groups, including one student from every special topic group in each.

Have each group create and then publish a report, using the question ‘What do we know about Aztec culture?’ as an organiser.

3. Analyse and interpret

Ask students to turn their attention to the second and third questions in their section of the Exhibition Guide, working back in their special topic groups. 

These questions address analysis and use of sources and interpretation skills as outlined in the AusVELS document. Students will now be expanding their individual content reports to include reflections on what the factual material tells them.

4. Draw conclusions and communicate findings

Students can put together their individual, final presentations about their topic or other areas of interest arising from their Depth Study.