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The Human Body
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Explore the wonder and fascination of the human body.

The Human Body exhibition explores human biology in a straightforward and engaging way. It explains the fundamental processes of cells and genes, and the processes of the major body systems: circulatory, respiratory, excretory, digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous and hormonal. Take a closer look at the importance of these selected body systems, how they work, and what happens if they malfunction.

Featured in the exhibition are a number of carefully prepared plastinated specimens of human organs provided by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. These provide a rare opportunity to observe the true nature of our bodies and how they work.

Take a close look at the ways in which our understanding of the body’s internal structure has developed and changed over the years. This exhibition examines how we look at the human body, what we observe and how we interpret what is revealed. The wonderful diversity of maps and images produced both today and in the past are on display, as well as the techniques used to generate them.

Highlights include interactive DNA displays, historic post-mortem tools , early x-ray machines, ‘Tjeby’ - an ancient Egyptian mummy and a papier mache anatomical model made in the 1850s by French anatomist, Dr. Louis Thomas Gerome Auzoux (1797–1881).


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Mind and Body Gallery

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raymond 14 July, 2011 04:33
Wonderful post! This is very useful to many readers like me. Being a student of I am requiring myself to read articles more often and your writing just caught my interest. Thank you so much!
Awesome 12 September, 2011 14:13
It is yuck!!!! U have to see a baby being born and how to make a baby
meow 16 November, 2013 21:25
haha sorry but that's life mate.
Leah 14 May, 2012 08:40
Can you tell me more about what to expect in this exhibition?
Sophie 23 September, 2012 20:06
Have you seen the video on the woman giving birth
Kevin Xu 4 April, 2013 16:55
Why in reproductive section, they have people posing nude?
Discovery Centre 5 April, 2013 10:07
Hi Kevin - The Human Body exhibition presents a factual account of the process of human biology and reproduction, including the representation of human bodies. There are advisory signs in the gallery for those who wish to avoid this content.
Pearl 23 May, 2013 17:03
Very interesting. Thank you very much. I am trying to come up with a short story and the genre is horror. I was thinking that the human body section in the museum could come alive and murder all of the visitors. Please tell me what what you think as soon as possible!!!!! Thank you ever so much
Nat 23 July, 2014 12:52
I have a burning question that is burning my belly so bad, it's not even funny, but I figured needs some clarification. With regards to your photography restrictions on this exhibit, is it the entire gallery that is photography prohibited (hands on exhibits and medical history gallery included?) or just certain areas that are photography prohibited? I have previously visited the exhibit (fortunately with no camera!) and would love to hear your advice.
Discovery Centre 23 July, 2014 13:14

Hi Nat,

Yes, the photography prohibition applies to the entire Mind & Body gallery (encompassing the Human Body and the Mind: Enter the Labyrinth exhibitions).

Discovery Centre 29 July, 2014 11:17

Hi Nat,

Our sincere apologies, we advised you incorrectly, you can take photographs in the Mind and Body exhibitions.

Eliza 14 May, 2015 18:14
Hi, I was looking at studying midwifery and when i went to see the reproduction section, it was closed. is it reopened or will it ever reopened? Thanks