Marine Life: Exploring Our Seas

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Porcupine fish
Porcupine fish
Source: Museum Victoria
Photographer: Mark Norman

Come and have a deep sea experience.

Journey to the bottom of the sea to discover Victoria’s amazing marine life. Explore stunning sponge gardens and vibrant seagrass beds, be amazed by a giant 10-metre long squid, meet a swarm of spider crabs and come face-to-face with the fangtooth fish.

Dramatic underwater footage, digital animation and rare specimens bring Victoria’s marine animals to life.


Event Type: Permanent Exhibition

Daily, Now Showing
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Science and Life Gallery

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Mr man 30 April, 2013 09:33
Maddie Harper 22 October, 2012 17:09
Nadeen Shrebati 21 August, 2012 15:57
this seems like i good museum i would like to go
brooke 22 June, 2011 15:23
what will i expect if i go please reply back tommorow because tommorow i leave and iwant to know what to expect so for some wierd resone
Sebastian 16 June, 2011 20:32
I remember seeing the giant squid in the tank. I was wondering, is it a real specimen or is it just a model?
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