The Mind: Enter the Labyrinth

The Mind Daily, Now Showing
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Explore the workings of the mind by entering a world of emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams.

Step into the shoes of those that see the world from different mind perspectives.

Discover the ways in which drugs and disorders affect our minds and question your attitudes to normality.


Event Type: Permanent Exhibition

Daily, Now Showing
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mind and Body Gallery

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Tracey Lubcke 8 October, 2010 18:54
I found the exhbit very interesting. My daughter and I had great time trying out the various things available. I was wondering what was the thing called with the number 2 mixed among all these fives. Can you please help as I ofund the number two straight away. Please. Thankyou. Tracey
Kate 11 October, 2010 11:51

This test is for synaesthesia, where the senses become mixed. People with a certain kind of synaesthesia are particularly good at this test since they can pick out the different numbers according to their colour. You can find out more about this test from At-Bristol's 'Your Amazing Brain' website:


Stephanie 23 September, 2015 15:17
Did you get taught about the memory part of the brain? I am doing a school project and I need to know more about memory, and how it affect and connects to our way of life. :)
Sue Tidy 11 March, 2011 05:48
Hi,I am currently writing a post for my website which includes a visit to your museum.Can you tell me what the room with the black and white squared floor represents?Was it an optical illusion? Thanks Sue
Kate C 11 March, 2011 09:24

Hi Sue, you're thinking of the Ames Room. There's an excellent explanation of the Ames Room illustion in this YouTube video featuring Dr. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran.

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Fiona Neill 18 August, 2011 10:48
I was very interested to find out that melbourne professors had received the nobel prize for their studies into the biological basis of memory. I can't remember their names though! would you be able to tell me them and also the name of the paper they published? THANKS!
Discovery Centre 18 August, 2011 16:06

Hi Fiona,

Perhaps you're thinking of John Eccles, Andrew Huxley & Alan Hodgkin - they shared the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work on the synapse and neurotransmitters.

Eccles and philosopher Karl Popper published a well-known text in 1977 titled The Self and Its Brain.

Andrea 6 September, 2011 15:06
I thought the exhibit was amazing! I think I squealed through the whole thing, and I would really like to know where that lobotomy kit was found! such a good piece of the exhibit!
Gillian 12 October, 2011 15:38
I was looking for more information about the whole exhibit (some displays in Sydney and Wellington NZ come with handouts). Is there more info about the various segments on some website somewhere (such as with synaesthesia above?)
Emily Dawwson 27 February, 2012 12:27
Helped me with science this year
Eva Vega 12 March, 2012 22:27
The mind exhibition is very interesting and one of my psychology assessments is based on the exhibit. My phone battery was discharged and I could not take photos of Carla Krijt's artworks. Can you please email me the title of her artworks (I think there were 3). Also, is there a website where I can find out more about Carla Krijt? Thank you. Kind regards Eva
Discovery Centre 15 March, 2012 16:23

Hi Eva,
There are 4 paintings by Carla Krijt – all ‘Untitled’. You may be able to get further information from the Cunningham Dax centre,, which holds more examples of her art.

Rhiannon 24 May, 2012 18:47
Will it cost me to get in? I have a pension card.
Josh 8 September, 2012 16:29
What would be the average amount of time one would spend in this exhibit, giving each section a reasonable amount of time? Thanks
Museum Victoria 12 September, 2012 17:06
Hi Josh, a reasonable amount of time would be 45 minutes to an hour, as there is much to read and see!
Nadine 22 October, 2012 22:44
Hi, i am writing on this exhibition for a uni subject and would love some more info on how/why it was created and by who,and other general this available anywhere?
Discovery Centre 23 October, 2012 16:47

Hi Nadine, this particular exhibition doesn't have a dedicated website, but you should find some useful information for your project in the the exhibition's Education Resources such as the Education Kits and Teacher's Notes. There is also an interactive Q&A with the exhibition's Curator which is at the top of this page on the right.

Hope this helps

William Kwok 1 November, 2012 16:27
I'm from Hong Kong and I thought this exhibition is amazing. I wonder if Melbourne Museum will collaborate with other museums of the world and display some good exhibit like The Mind in my own city? If that's possible, what can I do? Shall I contact my local government body? Hope to get an answer from you. :)
Discovery Centre 2 November, 2012 11:05
Hi William, perhaps contact your local museum and make the suggestion to them.  If they would like to contact us for details, please ask them to email the Discovery Centre at Thanks for the great feedback!
Erik 6 November, 2012 20:34
Hi, I really enjoyed the exhibition, but was wondering why there isn’t much criticism especially of the past of psychiatry, as there have been many scandals during the times. I find this a bit strange, as many of the items that could be used in this criticism, are on display. I think the ordinary visitor will fail to notice much of this however. Is this lack of criticism an attempt to promote a positive view of today’s psychiatry and psychology in the general public? Best Regards, Erik
Christina 22 November, 2012 08:30
I visited from SA last weekend and found the Museum excellent! Could you tell me the name of the railway worker who got a metal rod through his skull in an explosion accident? I wanted to find out the end of the story, but couldn't remember his name to look it up. Thanks, christina
Discovery Centre 22 November, 2012 16:20
Hi Christina, the gentleman's name was Phineas Gage and the accident happened in 1848.
Ian Johnson 27 April, 2013 17:25
Hi, I very much enjoyed your compelling exhibition, The Mind: Enter The Labyrinth. I was however puzzled by how little information was provided about anxiety, which is the most prevalent mental health issue, both in its own right and as frequently co-morbid with other conditions, for example depression. Anxiety is strongly cognitive and can be extremely debilitating. Your exhibition's references to anxiety seemed to be confined to its role in dreams. Anxiety was not featured in any of your story booths where people talked about their journeys with a mental illness. Have I missed something? Kind Regards Ian Johnson Service Manager Anxiety Support Mental Health Advocacy & Peer Support Trust Christchurch, NZ.
Sheridan 22 August, 2013 21:13
How much does it cost to see this exhibition? And when does it finish?
MV Bookings 23 August, 2013 11:28

Hi Sheridan

The Mind: Enter the Labyrinth exhibition is a permanent ongoing exhibition. 

You can visit the exhibition with a general entry ticket, which also provides you  access to all Melbourne Museum permanent displays.  General entry is $10.00 for an adult and free for children and concessions.


Uri 2 June, 2014 11:35
I visited your museum and The Mind exhibition while visiting Australia a few weeks ago. One wall panel suggested that emotions are essential to ethical decisions. Please, could you provide the exact quote. Thank you.
Discovery Centre 8 July, 2014 14:54

Hi Uri,

The text you're after appears in the section entitled 'Feeling - emotions and motivations':

"Emotion is a state of arousal involving bodily changes and subjective feelings. The range of human emotion informs the ways in which we perceive the world and make choices. It is almost impossible to make ethical decisions or plan for the future without emotions."

Hope this helps!

Debra 29 July, 2014 14:28
I really enjoyed the gallery! I found the timeline presented at the beginning/end of the gallery to be particularly interesting, and was wondering if I could access online it to re-read it? Otherwise, can you recommend a good source for that information? Thank you!
Discovery Centre 11 September, 2014 15:29

Hi Debra,

The Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK has put together a pretty good timeline of the history of psychiatry, although it shouldn't be regarded as comprehensive (it misses out on some important developments in psychiatry, such as psychosurgery for example).

Bronwyn 4 August, 2014 16:24
Hello, my name is Bronwyn and I'm a first year art visual student. I am interested in contacting a specialist in synaesthesia in order to learn about the condition as a basis of creating work, would there possibly be anyone I could contact? Thank you very much. -Bronwyn
Discovery Centre 4 August, 2014 17:44
Hi Bronwyn, the Curator who put The Mind exhibition together is no longer in that role. The position is currently vacant and planned to be filled but we don't have an exact timeframe on when this will occur. 

In the interim we believe the best place to try would be the Melbourne University Psychology Department for their research. Some of the resources from Macquarie University might also be helpful.





Bronwyn 25 August, 2014 14:08
Fantastic, and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to reply -sincerely Bronwyn
Kelsa Taleb 4 February, 2015 15:23
Hi, I was just wondering if this display is still on? I teach VCE psychology and would love to bring my year 11's if possible.
MV Bookings 5 February, 2015 12:47
Hi Kelsa,

This exhibition will be showing for the foreseeable future; there are no plans to close it any time soon. For education bookings, please call our bookings department on 13 11 02.
Angela 17 March, 2015 16:06
Hi there, I just want to ask if this event will be open during the 2-week school holidays this year? When will this event end?
MVBookings 19 March, 2015 10:44

Hi Angela,

Thank-you for your enquiry. Yes this exhibition will be open during the school holidays. This exhibition will be showing for the foreseeable future; there are no plans to close it any time soon.


Sarah 4 May, 2015 21:46
Hi there! I'm currently working on an assignment for my university on planning an excursion. I was just curious what the cost for a class of 22 students and 2 teachers would be, does 'concession card holders' apply to VCE students? and what does education service fee mean? Also is the session time listed the time it takes to finish the trail? I remember coming to this exhibit in year 12 and being given a presentation in a private room before hand, does this still occur?
mvbookings 5 May, 2015 16:01

Hi Sarah,

For education enquiries please call our office on 03 8341 7767.  We'd be happy to help with your enquiry.

Kind regards,

MV Bookings

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