Who was Tutankhamun?

Tutankhamun Tuesdays

Past Event: 31 May 2011

Dr Colin Hope

What has recent research revealed about Tutankhamun and his family?

When the tomb was discovered little was known about the king buried within, who ruled Egypt for ten years only. Fortunately much more information is available to us now and in this talk the events of the king's reign will be discussed in light of new discoveries, including the examination of his mummy, and it will discuss members of his family: his possible father, Akhenaten, famous for his changes to religious beliefs; his mother, and her identity is still speculated upon; his wife, probably his half-sister; and then grandparents, Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, Tiye's parents, Yuya and Tuyu, objects from whose burial are in the exhibition.

Dr Colin A. Hope is an associate professor at Monash University and director of the Centre for Archaeology & Ancient History; he is a research associate of the Museum Victoria, where he was once a curator. Colin has worked extensively in the Middle East but focuses upon Egyptian archaeology; he has worked on material from a range of sites contemporary with Tutankhamun and published material from the tomb. He now directs excavations at two major sites in Dakhleh Oasis in Egypt's western desert. He has taught Egyptology at Monash University since 1991.

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Please note the Tutankhamun exhibition is not open to the general public on Tuesday evenings.


Dr Colin Hope