Tutankhamun’s wardrobe

Tutankhamun Tuesdays Public Lecture Program

Past Event: 26 July 2011

Dr Gillian Bowen

Join Dr Gillian Bowen in an exploration of Ancient Egyptian attire.

The tomb of Tutankhamun has yielded the largest collection of clothes and footwear that we have from ancient Egypt. This talk will examine items of his wardrobe to show the range of clothes from underwear to formal attire and shoes, discuss the textile industry and range of materials used.

Dr Gillian Bowen is the Senior lecturer in Archaeology and Ancient History, Monash University. Gillian studies textiles and footwear from Monash's excavations in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt, and the textile industry on the basis of documents found there. She also conducts excavations in Dakhleh Oasis, with a focus upon early Christian sites.

Proudly supported by University of Melbourne, Programs Partner.

Please note the Tutankhamun exhibition is not open on Tuesday evenings.


Dr Gillian Bowan