Cross(X)Species Adventure Club

Wilderness Adventures for the Palate

Past Event: 1 December 2011

photo montage of edible cocktails
Edible cocktail at Cross(X)Species Adventure Club
Source: Emilie Baltz

Nourish your vision for a sustainable future at an adventurous edible cocktail party.

Carbon Arts brings you an unforgettable sensory experience of edible artwork. New York based Jeremijenko is an environmental artist, and along with molecular gastronomist Mihir Desai, will present an evening where palates and minds will be awakened to the possibilities of future food systems.

At once an art performance, science lecture and travelling cocktail party, this one-night-only event will treat guests to three delicious edible cocktails that each stylishly and humorously explore our gastric, economic and material interdependency on other creatures.

Cross(X)Species Adventure Club challenges guests to expand their idea of the food web, in order to imagine edible interventions that go beyond sustainability to actually augment ecological health.

Based in Melbourne, Carbon Arts works to advance awareness and action on climate change and sustainability through facilitating open conversation and collaboration between artists, economists, scientists and other professionals.

Suitable for adults only.


Natalie Jeremijenko and Mihir Desai

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