Hollywood Maths

Past Event: 14 October 2012

Source: Mathematical Association of Victoria

Join Dr Burkard Polster to hear about maths in the movies.

We like to think of mathematics as calm, careful reasoning. But what happens when Hollywood gets their hands on it? How are mathematicians and mathematics represented? Like a good Tarantino movie, it is not pretty but it is captivating, with the body of logic lying battered and bloodied on the floor. Come along and let Burkard take you on a tour of mathematics as it appears in the movies. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll cry a lot!

Burkard Polster and Marty Ross are Melbourne's tag team of mathematics. They write the Maths Masters column for The Education Age, appear at schools, and do whatever they can to convince whoever they can that mathematics is beautiful and fun. All their activities can be checked out at www.qedcat.com.

Burkard Polster is a maths lecturer, and Monash University's resident Mathemagician, mathematical juggler, origami expert, bubble-master, shoelace charmer, and Count von Count impersonator. When he is not doing fun mathematics he has fun investigating perfect mathematical universes.

Part of the Mathematical Association of Victoria lecture series.


Dr Burkard Polster