In Conversation: Travel

Past Event: 6 April 2013

Tony Wheeler
Source: Mobin Jamshady

Join Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet fame to hear about his travels in Afghanistan.

Tony’s trip across Asia from Europe to Australia in 1972 took him through Afghanistan and led, a year later, to the very first Lonely Planet guidebook. That first visit left him with an Afghan travel wish list topped by the remote Minaret of Jam and in 2006 he finally managed to get there. Tony will talk about that first visit to Afghanistan and why the country has captured the hearts of so many visitors from that era as well as his more recent Afghan travels.

Travelling across Asia on the ‘hippie trail’ of the 1970s led Tony Wheeler and his wife Maureen to create Lonely Planet Publications. Forty years and 100 million books later he’s still addicted to travel.


Tony Wheeler