In Conversation: Design

Past Event: 27 April 2013

Design by Aslam Askan
Source: Aslam Askam
Photo: Ceri Hann from RMIT

Join Aslam Askam to hear about the inspirations for his design work in Melbourne.

Aslam Askam is an Afghan-Australian whose designs are bringing civic squares, office blocks, shopping centres, local precincts and cultural events to life.

Aslam will talk about how he uses geometric designs and alphabets from across the Mediterranean and the Middle East in his creations. Persian, Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Babylonian, Roman and Yiddish numbers and letters are combined to create beautiful patterns on his works.

Aslam Akram has worked as a graphic designer and public artist over four decades and has practised in France, Russia, Turkey, Morocco and Australia. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, he arrived in Australia as a humanitarian refugee in the mid-1990s and completed a Masters in Public Art at RMIT University.

Today he works with universities and local government to produce permanent and portable public art pieces.

Aslam has permanent public art installations in many parts of Melbourne including Hume City, City of Greater Dandenong and the City of Melbourne.


Aslam Askan