In Conversation: Literature

Past Event: 8 June 2013

Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman
Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman
Source: Tim Mullane, Sustainable Image

Robert Hillman and Najaf Mazari will talk about their book The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif.

The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif charts the life of Najaf Mazari, who flees Afghanistan after being tortured by the Taliban. After arriving in Australia as a refugee, Najaf establishes a new life using his life trade as a rug maker and carpet seller. Robert Hillman will talk about his relationship with Najaf, the writing of this biographical book and his reflections on the relationship between Australia and Afghanistan.

Robert Hillman is a prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction. A recurring theme in his books is the struggle of marginalised people in Australia, particularly refugees and asylum seekers.

A shepherd boy from the mountains of Afghanistan, Najaf became a rugmaker of genius but was forced to flee his homeland under the onslaught of the Taliban. He painstakingly rebuilt his life in Australia and rescued his family from the despair of Pakistan’s refugee camps.


Robert Hillman and Najaf Mazari