Daily Family Activities

Celebrate the Aztecs

Past Event: 5 April 2014 to 21 April 2014

A program of activites inspired by the Aztecs.

Aztec City

A multimedia presentation about the Aztecs and their daily lives.

How beautiful was the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan? How inventive were the Aztecs? Ordered and clean with floating gardens, suburbs and a massive central temple – the Aztecs created an amazing city and a sophisticated society and culture.

Saturday 5 April to Monday 21 April 2014
1pm and 2pm
NOTE: this presentation is PG rated.

Aztec Animals

Join us to learn all about Mesoamerican wildlife in the time of the Aztec Empire.

Find out about jaguars and golden eagles and create your own Aztec warrior helmet to take home.

Saturday 5 April to Monday 21 April 2014
Drop in between 11am to 3pm

Aztec Family Trail

A family trail within the Aztec exhibition highlights key stories for younger children, included with exhibition entry.