Aztecs Opening Party

A party for all the family to enjoy!

Past Event: 13 April 2014

Aztec man
Man in Aztec costume
Photo: George Ganio, Model: Fernando Itzcóatl, Makeup: Alejandrina De La Rosa, Lighting: Chris Crossley at Chris G Crossley Photography

Everyone is invited to celebrate the opening of the Aztecs exhibition.

Come along and be part of our Aztecs Opening Party celebrations with food, music, free activities and see the amazing Aztecs exhibition.

See Melbourne dance group Mexbourne performing traditional Aztec dancing. Watch our animated theatre show bringing the fascinating Aztec city of Tenochtitlán to life.

Fun kids' activities include: eagle and jaguar warrior hat making, free temporary tattoos and paper flower making and decorating.

Make your flower with us on the day, or follow these easy instructions to make your own yellow marigold or red dahlia.  

Bring your flowers to the Aztecs Opening Party and add them to our spectacular paper xochitla garden at the museum entrance.