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 No Place For A Woman Special event for History Week 2014 MUSEUM THEATRE  ‘Your Fine Lady Doesn’t Do Here’ Part of the History, Culture and Collections Seminar Series 2014 MUSEUM THEATRE Sand Stories from Central Australia Sand Stories from Central Australia Part of the History, Culture & Collections Seminar Series MUSEUM THEATRE The Art of Science The Art of Science After its tour of south-eastern Australia, this popular travelling exhibition comes home to roost. MELBOURNE GALLERY detail magazine cover More than Meat and Three? Part of the History, Culture & Collections Seminar Series. MUSEUM THEATRE Coolamon artwork Empty Coolamons Indigenous artist Robyne Latham brings recognition to the Stolen Generations in this art exhibition. BUNJILAKA GALLERY Searching for Jim Crow Searching for Jim Crow Part of History, Culture & Collections, 2014 Humanities Department Seminar Series. MUSEUM THEATRE  For the Nobility, Gentry & Curious in General Museum Victoria has a cork model of the Colosseum made by English artist Richard Dubourg circa 1800. MUSEUM THEATRE  Something old, something new... Part of History, Culture & Collections, 2014 Humanities Department Seminar Series. MUSEUM THEATRE  Aztecs Opening Party Everyone is invited to celebrate the opening of the Aztecs exhibition.  Art and Archaeology of Gariwerd The changing 20,000-year relationship between Aboriginal people and Gariwerd (the Grampians). MUSEUM THEATRE LEGO® Mystery Mosaic LEGO® Mystery Mosaic Help build a massive LEGO® mural of an iconic James Bond movie scene! MAIN FOYER AZTECS: an Aztec-styled image of a bird-like creature AZTECS Discover the fascinating and ultimately tragic story of the Aztecs. TOURING HALL link to Naghlingah Boorais: Beautiful Children Naghlingah Boorais: Beautiful Children Possum skin cloaks made by 30 Koorie children celebrate their culture, identity and traditions. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Inside: Life in Children’s Homes and Institutions: detail of a pink teddy bear Inside: Life in Children’s Homes and Institutions Shares the experiences of some of the half a million children who spent time in institutional 'care' MELBOURNE GALLERY Top Designs 2013 Top Designs 2013 VCE Season of Excellence MELBOURNE GALLERY Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures - a collapsible nomadic crown Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures A remarkable exhibition of stunning artefacts revealing Afghanistan’s rich culture. TOURING HALL Mesoptamian scene with river, ships The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia An exhibition of stunning artefacts from one of the world's great ancient civilisations. TOURING HALL stuffed blue bird hanging upside down Birds of Paradise Discover the extraordinary and exotic birds-of-paradise in this colourful exhibition. MELBOURNE GALLERY Koorie Voices Koorie Voices A photographic installation celebrating the richness and diversity of Victorian Aboriginal people. BIRRARUNG, BUNJILAKA Living in a Sensory World Living in a Sensory World How people with blindness or low vision today achieve in all aspects of Australian life. MELBOURNE GALLERY The Dying Lion The Dying Lion The Dying Lion will be on display at Melbourne Museum until 6 April 2012. MAIN FOYER Source: Suzy Tuxen, “A Friend of Mine” design Top Designs 2012 Designing our future. MELBOURNE GALLERY Summer Holiday Snaps Summer Holiday Snaps Images exploring summer fun in Victoria from 100 years ago. MAIN FOYER  Tutankhamun The Tutankhamun exhibition comes to Australia for the first time. TOURING HALL detail of bark painting Ancestral Power and the Aesthetic Arnhem Land paintings and objects from the Donald Thomson Collection. MELBOURNE GALLERY Trepang Trepang This exhibition tells the story of the ancient trade in sea cucumbers (trepang). MELBOURNE GALLERY Top Designs Top Designs 2011 Don't miss this annual design exhibition of works produced by VCE and VET Students. MELBOURNE GALLERY Vintage Christmas Decorations Vintage Christmas Decorations See beautiful vintage Christmas decorations in the Melbourne Museum Foyer. MAIN FOYER The 1888 Melbourne Cup The 1888 Melbourne Cup This Spring visit Melbourne Museum to view the magnificent 1888 Melbourne Cup. MELBOURNE GALLERY Leadbeater's Possum Leadbeater's Possum Celebrate the tiny Leadbeater's Possum and learn about efforts to ensure its survival. ORIENTATION GALLERIA BALCONY John Rodriquez – Textile Designer John Rodriquez – Textile Designer Discover the unique style of John Rodriquez, one of Australia’s most innovative textile designers. MELBOURNE GALLERY Phar Lap Reunion Phar Lap Reunion See Phar Lap's skeleton on display next to his hide. MELBOURNE GALLERY Mirror Mirror: Jeannie Baker See the work of renowned children’s author and artist Jeannie Baker. MELBOURNE GALLERY  Zmood: Designing Holdens A display of the works of GM Holden's first Australian Head of Design, Phillip Zmood. DISCOVERY CENTRE An Archaeological Time Capsule An Archaeological Time Capsule Get a glimpse into working-class life in late 19th century Melbourne during Archaeology Week. MAIN FOYER Magney House Glenn Murcutt See a selection of work by award winning Australian architect Glenn Murcutt. MELBOURNE GALLERY We Depend on Nature We Depend on Nature Come and explore Victoria’s natural diversity through touch, smell, puppet play, drawing and more. CHILDREN'S GALLERY RMS Titanic Titanic Journey back to 1912 and experience Titanic's maiden voyage. TOURING HALL Top Designs 2010 Top Designs 2010 Don't miss this annual opportunity to see an inspiring exhibition of works produced by VCE Students. MELBOURNE GALLERY Melbourne Museum Christmas card display Christmas Card Display This small display features a selection of Christmas cards from the 1890s to the 1960s. MAIN FOYER Paragon Shoes advertising sign Paragon Shoes A selection of iconic Melbourne shoes. MELBOURNE GALLERY Kangaroo sculpture Menagerie A contemporary Indigenous sculpture exhibition. MELBOURNE GALLERY  Shutter Up You Face We invited you to tell us what makes Melbourne Italian. MELBOURNE GALLERY Image of Charles Darwin from a lantern slide. Five things about Charles Darwin Explore the genius of Charles Darwin in this display celebrating his 200th birthday. MAIN FOYER book cover Phar Lap the Wonder Horse See the original illustrations from Phar Lap the Wonder Horse – a new children's book. MELBOURNE GALLERY 1908: U.S.A. Fleet Welcome to Australia Great White Fleet Exhibiting early 3D images of the 1908 American Great White Fleet visit to Australia. THE WALK  Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs & Babies Take a rare and exciting look at the life of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and embryos. TOURING HALL  Drugs: a social history Exploring the social history of drugs – legal and illicit – in Australia. MIND AND BODY GALLERY Toolayn Koortakay: Squaring Skins for Rugs A collaborative effort by four Victorian Aboriginal artists. The Great Wall of China One of the world’s great wonders is now a major international exhibition. TOURING HALL Pompeii Extended Hours A Day in Pompeii An exhibition depicting the daily life of one of the world's most extraordinary cities: Pompeii. TOURING HALL  Body Casts on Display Part of the A Day in Pompeii exhibition. MIND AND BODY GALLERY Holden 48-215 Treasures Museum Victoria celebrates 150 years. Spirit of the Games: the Opening Ceremony revealed Go behind the scenes of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. TOURING HALL Body Parts Body Parts Looking at how our bodies work. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Bodyscape: Mapping the Mind and Body Humans have been curious about the structure and function of their bodies for millennia. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY  Colliding Worlds First contact in the Western Desert, 1932-1984. Virtual Room The Virtual Room Experience a new way of seeing. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Water Smart interactive Water Smart Home An exhibit that invites you to reduce water use in the home and garden. Southern Diversity exhibition Southern Diversity Discover Australia's unique plants and animals. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Dinosaur skeleton Dinosaurs in Time The history of life on earth, shown through the fossil record. EVOLUTION GALLERY Huskies at Antarctica Morrie and Ursa The last huskies. MAIN FOYER Miss Australia thumbnail Miss Australia: A Nation's Quest Relive the splendour, romance and glamour of one the nation’s most successful charity events. MIND AND BODY GALLERY Honey bee Honey bees The day to day lives of honey bees. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY