agIdeas 2010 NewStar Exhibition

Past Event: 23 April 2010 to 23 May 2010

agIdeas 2010 NewStar Exhibition
Source: Design Foundation

See the winning and short-listed entries of the agIdeas 2010 NewStar competition.

The agIdeas 2010 NewStar exhibition will showcase the best tertiary student and new graduate design work from entrants around Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Since its inception the agIdeas NewStar program has awarded 36 young designers, who have benefited from internships at the renowned Benetton Group Research Centre, Fabrica, Italy and travelling scholarships that have taken them around the world.

NewStar competition is an opportunity for emerging Australian designers to enhance their design career through winning international travelling scholarships.

Presented in partnership with agIdeas 2010 International Design Week.

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