Discover the fascinating and ultimately tragic story of the Aztecs.

Enter the temple to uncover the mysteries of the Aztec afterlife. See striking statues that tell a story of belief, devotion and human sacrifice. Over 200 cultural treasures and dramatic multimedia from Mexico’s major museums tell the fierce story of a civilisation that was based on fear and appeasement of the gods.

Developed by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in partnership with the National Council for Culture and the Arts - National Institute of Anthropology and History - Mexico, Australian Museum and Museum Victoria.

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Gina Suarez 26 November, 2013 14:15
Hi there, I feel really pleased to hear about your new exhibition next year about the Aztecs. We just came back from Mexico and it is awesome to know more about this culture. Being southamerican it will be an absolute pride to showcase more and more what that side of the world has to offer!. great work!!
mick 26 November, 2013 22:43
Aztec are from Mexico in North American
Mariana 11 April, 2014 14:48
Dear Mick. We know Mexico is in North America. Being a South American as well, I know what Gina means. We feel as one because of the language background. We are the same America when you think about Latin America, when you think about the struggles we go through each day in our third would countries. It is lovely to see our neighbors showcased in the other side of the world.
PB 1 June, 2014 10:55
Mick, thanks for being the light of knowledge that keeps us on the right path...Mexico is in North America....but in cultural context they are Latin Americans, and the Aztecs eventually influenced both North and South. Perhaps this is learnt from a text book for you, but for Gina it is more.
Anne 26 November, 2013 16:28
Fantastic! Really looking forward to this exhibition. We're just about to start studying Aztecs, Mayans and Incas.
Sonia Estago-Cers 26 November, 2013 16:45
Excited! Can't wait to see this exhibition. I have had a fascination for Aztecs history for a long time. It will be great to see this up close and personal :)
Pauline Bunker 26 November, 2013 17:52
Having been to Mexico and visiting Teotihuacan in particular, I look forward to seeing more of this fascinating culture. It is really great that you are able to bring this to us in 2014. My Mexican friends will be thrilled that their culture is being showcased in Australia. Congratulations!
Wayne K 26 November, 2013 19:24
We look forward to this exhibition! I recently read of excavations in the Temple of The Sun at Teotihuacan and it re-awoke my interest in (real) American archaeology.
Julie 26 November, 2013 22:34
Going to see the Incas in Canberra and then the Aztecs in Melbourne! Will be interesting to compare the cultures. Can't wait for this one!
Maria Ponce 27 November, 2013 09:30
Can't wait!
charmaine conaghty 27 November, 2013 17:34
Im soooo trilled that this exhibition is coming to Australia I read reads books and seen many documentry on ancient Americans but never seen any artefacts im person I cannot wait for 2014 to see this incrediable exhibit:)
Oz vega 23 December, 2013 06:04
I saw the Museum at Mexico city next to Zocalo and the Aztec art honestly was very impressive, The art work, the gold work,honestly I was impress by the culture,the history, I cant wait to see what this offers!
Ron 9 January, 2014 13:22
If as good as Afgan exibit I can't wait
Jack 22 January, 2014 15:51
Will there be any evening viewings for this exhibition?
MV Customer Contact Centre 24 January, 2014 16:54

Hi Jack,

No evenings have been confirmed as yet, however to receive free updates about forthcoming Museum Victoria exhibitions, special events and program announcements, please join our free online newsletter MV-News

Robbie Bartlett 27 January, 2014 20:31
Will there be any education programs or teacher seminars for the Aztecs exhibition? Can't wait!
Customer Contact Centre 29 January, 2014 15:38

Hi Robbie,

Education bookings are open for the Aztecs exhibition, however no staff led programs or professional development opportunites have been made available at this stage. To receive email updates, you can join MVteachers, a free online subscription service by visiting:

Barry Carr 1 April, 2014 19:10
Robbie. You may already have discovered this but the Melbourne Museum is holding a Teachers Symposium on Sunday May 4th. The contact person at the MM is Liz Suda.
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Alfonso De la cruz 30 January, 2014 18:53
Being Mexican-Australian I feel very excited about what the exhibition will show to the public here in Australia. A bit of information about the Aztecs, a nahoa tribe that in about 1000 years it became of the richest, most advanced and powerful civilisations to have ever existed. Almost as impressive and influential as the Maya. I hope people can enjoy it and learn about their importance and impact on the world. By the way, the culture of Teotihuacan disappeared hundreds of years before the Aztec. Teotihuacan the city, 50 minutes away by bus from Mexico City is a most beautiful and interesting place. The Aztec respected the place and it is world heritage, but I repeat, Teotihuacan has nothing to do with the Aztec. Thank you.
Kym 1 February, 2014 18:08
Is this the same exhibition as currently in Canberra at the National Gallery? The dates seem to suggest they will be separate but the exhibits sound similar?
MV Customer Contact Centre 4 February, 2014 10:38

Hi Kym,

The Aztecs Exhibition is not related to the Gold and the Incas Lost Worlds of Peru exhibition in Canberra. The exhibitions cover different time periods, places and people.

Katie 13 February, 2014 17:24
Will there be a lecture series available to the public?
MV Customer Contact Centre 18 February, 2014 10:33

Hi Katie,

So far there has been no announcement of a lecture series but to be kept in the loop, please subscribe to our free online newsletter 


Adrienne Leith 1 May, 2014 13:24
Louise Craig 4 March, 2014 13:44
Hello, would love to buy a couple of tickets for April when we are in Melbourne on holiday. I have tried purchasing online but the website isn't working properly. Will there be different types of tickets available??
MV Customer Contact Centre 9 March, 2014 16:42

Hi Louise,

Timed tickets and Premium Flexible tickets can be purchased online by visiting: . Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets, including Family tickets by calling 13 11 02.

Gusatvo 15 March, 2014 00:53
The Aztecs one of the greates culture in the pre spanish world i am from central America and we share lots in common with the Aztecs Culture cant wait to see it
James Victor 29 March, 2014 13:58
Looking forward to this! Well done for getting this to Melbourne Museum.
Sue 31 March, 2014 19:05
How long does it take to see the exhibition?
MV Customer Contact Centre 1 April, 2014 10:47

Hi Sue

Everyone is different, but somewhere between one hour to one and a half hours is the average time most people spend in the exhibition.

Andry 8 April, 2014 12:38
Hi, I'd like to ask about the tickets. Does the ticket (adults $24) covers entrance fee for the museum? Or should I but a separate ticket? Thanks
MV Customer Contact Centre 9 April, 2014 12:39

Hi Andry,

An Aztecs exhibition ticket also gives you access to the rest of the museum, so there is no need to purchase an extra ticket.


Debbie 11 April, 2014 20:18
Hello, Can tickets for the aztecs exhibit be purchased on the day at the museum or do they have to be prepurchased online? Not sure if I know exactly what time I will be there.
MVBookings 15 April, 2014 09:42
 Hi Debbie

Tickets for the Aztec exhibition can be purchased at the Melbourne Museum ticket counter upon arrival.  Pre-purchasing tickets either online or through the Bookings Officer on 13 11 02 is only recommended to avoid disappointment.   

Valerie Ratcliff 12 April, 2014 08:39
Hi, will the style & setup of the exhibit be more like the Pompeii exhibit, with interactive features and modelling of village life, or will it be more like the Tut exhibit, (more traditionally displayed) with primarily artifacts for viewing?
Simo 21 April, 2014 20:04
The setup is more traditional, like king Tut, Mesopotamia or Afghanistan exhibitions. I enjoyed it a lot as it gave an interesting insight in Aztecs' culture.
hassan 15 April, 2014 13:17
What is the difference between the Aztecs Incas and Mayans? Please explain
Val 16 April, 2014 15:30
Geography (Aztecs- northern Mexico; Mayans- Southern Mexico, Guatemala & Belize; Incans- South America, mainly Peru and Chile), Time (Mayans first: 2000BC-roughly 1000AD; then Incans- 1300-1500's and finally Aztecs: 1400's to 1500's) They had different traditions, languages, religions and cultures too. They lived in different types of landscapes (Incans- mountainous, Aztecs- swampy, Mayans- coastal rainforest and jungle). Lots of major and minor differences here.
MILA GIGANTI 15 April, 2014 16:43
This is GREAT News....not to be missed and yes, will share with many: thanks for the info!
George 21 April, 2014 11:14
With such a ticketing scheme and pricing you can enjoy your exibition yourselves as far as I am concerned.
Harry Myers 22 April, 2014 14:30
Just another class based society that lived off the back of slavery, injustice and brutality. No more interested in its "art" than I am in Hitlers doodles. Lived by the sword and died by the sword.
James 24 April, 2014 23:59
Do you allow photos to be taken of the exhibits?
MV Customer Contact Centre 27 April, 2014 09:30

Hi James,

Yes, photography is allowed in Aztecs. Enjoy!

Nicole 27 April, 2014 15:27
Hi, do you offer any yearly memberships to the Melbourne museum?
Discovery Centre 28 April, 2014 12:08
Hi Nicole! We sure do, check out our membership info online, or chat to the Customer Service team when you're next visiting.
Carmen 3 May, 2014 03:03
Hi, do you have something about the expositión publicated on press?, Where can I do the consult? So many thanks! Best regards from México. =D
Discovery Centre 5 May, 2014 11:56
Hi Carnemn - thanks for your interest in the Aztecs exhibition! Keep an eye on our website for media releases and the latest news.
Jordan Smith 18 June, 2014 11:20
I have to go to this with school YAY Day off
KIM 9 July, 2014 22:22
Hi. Do I have to make a booking online for the Aztec exhibition? If the tickets can be purchased at boxoffice, boxoffice and online ticket prices are different?
MVBookings 12 July, 2014 09:48

Hi Kim,

We do offer online and phone bookings for Aztecs, which incur a $4 pre-booking fee. Tickets are also available for purchase at Melbourne Museum, less the $4 pre-booking fee.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Amanda 14 July, 2014 10:04
Can i purchase souveniers of the Aztec exhibition. I went on friday and a client who is 93 would like a book. Can i order 1 for her and a pair of earrings?
Caroline 18 July, 2014 16:34
Is this exhibit pram/stroller accessible? Thank you!
MVBookings 23 July, 2014 09:45

Hi Caroline,

The Aztecs exhibition is stroller accessible, including double prams.

We hope to see you at the exhibition.

bobby 30 July, 2014 15:09
hi can't wait to go this looks like a awesome thing to do
Mandy 10 August, 2014 17:57
Last day of the Aztec exhibition fantastic . I have a gripe Museum Victoria because your patrons need better lighting on the artefacts and importantly on the accompanying information panels so we can read them! I know some artefacts need to be protected from damaging light but to really appreciate the exhibition we shouldn't have to get down to child height to read dimly lit panels. The video panels would cater to the crowd better if they were larger. The last video in the Cortes room was barely audible. There is time to check these things before the 10am opening time.
maggie 11 August, 2014 17:19
how long is the aztec exibition in melb for?
Discovery Centre 12 August, 2014 09:32
Hi Maggie, unfortunately the Aztecs Exhibition finished at 5pm on Sunday the 10th of August.
Christine 12 December, 2014 17:00
Hi will the Aztec be comming back to melbourne in 2015 THANKYOU
Discovery Centre 13 December, 2014 09:56


Aztecs will not be returning to Melbourne Museum,  It is currently on display at the Australian Museum till February 2015.

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