Dinosaurs in Time

Past Event: 28 November 2001 to 31 August 2008

Dinosaur skeletons
Dinosaurs in Time
Source: Museum Victoria
Photographer: Eamon Gallagher

The history of life on earth, shown through the fossil record.

Dinosaurs in Time is an exhibition about the history of life on earth. It covers the past 3500 million years of life on our planet, from ancient microfossils to trilobites, dinosaurs, mammals and plants, and presents the fossil record as evidence for evolution.

The exhibition space forms two parts: an introductory area explaining the vast age of the earth and what fossils are; and a sweeping curve of displays that follow the chronology of life on earth.

Dinosaurs in Time presents its message primarily through the use of fossil specimens—there are over 350 fossils on display throughout the exhibition. Extensive illustrations are used as an aid to interpretation of the objects on display.

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marcelo 16 January, 2011 14:15
i come from chile, its fantastic and amazing the melbourne museum, congratulations for all the work
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