Glenn Murcutt

Architecture for Place

Past Event: 15 July 2010 to 3 October 2010

Magney House
Magney House, Bingie Point, NSW, 1982-84/1999.
Anthony Browell

See a selection of work by award winning Australian architect Glenn Murcutt.

This exhibition profiles a selection of Glenn's built work and current projects through his drawings and working methods, particularly focusing on Murcutt's houses and private residences that are not open to visitors.

With his focus on the sustainability of the natural environment, Murcutt's works are at the forefront of contemporary architecture. Photographs by Anthony Browell fluently capture the essence of Murcutt's designs: harmony between building and nature.

Also shown are the award-winning Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Art Centre at Riversdale, NSW, conceptual drawings for a new Mosque in Newport, Victoria and an Opal and Fossil Museum in Lightning Ridge, NSW.

Presented by the Architecture Foundation Australia.

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