The Great Wall of China

Dynasties, dragons & warriors

Past Event: 23 March 2007 to 22 July 2007

One of the world’s great wonders is now a major international exhibition.

The epic story of the Great Wall of China comes to life through an extraordinary collection of treasures never before seen outside China.

National treasures including majestic robes, the armour of emperors and ancient warriors' weapons all tell a 2,000 year old story - the building of the walls across China. Breathtaking 12 metre wide panoramas create an immersive experience of the Great Wall, snaking its way across China, from remote deserts to the sea.

A joint project of the National Museum of China, Beijing and the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney in association with the Palace Museum, Gansu Provincial Museum, Gansu Provincial Institute of Archaeology, the Municipal Museum of Dunhuang and Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum.

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