Great White Fleet

Past Event: 20 August 2008 to 29 October 2008

1908: U.S.A. Fleet Welcome to Australia
Source: Australian National Maritime Museum

Exhibiting early 3D images of the 1908 American Great White Fleet visit to Australia.

US President Teddy Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet - sixteen battleships and their escort vessels, in their peacetime white livery, on a fifteen month tour around the world to demonstrate American naval capability.

In Australia, more than one million people (a quarter of the nation’s population) turned out to see the fleet in the ports of Melbourne, Sydney and Albany.

The visit had a significant impact on Australian society, politics and defence. The Australian public’s enthusiastic response to the Great White Fleet was a popular surge for an independent Australian navy. This eventuated with King George V granting the title Royal Australian Navy in 1911.” Paul Hundley, Australian National Maritime Museum.

The 3D images taken with an early stereoscopic camera were originally viewed through binoculars that brought side-by-side images together, giving an impression of 3D depth.

In this exhibit, the images will be shown together on screen, viewed through polarising lens to give the full 3D effect.

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