Koorie Voices

Past Event: 6 July 2012 to 26 May 2013

Koorie Voices
Source: Museum Victoria
Photographer: John Broomfield

A photographic installation celebrating the richness and diversity of Victorian Aboriginal people.

Earlier this year the much loved exhibition Koorie Voices closed as part of the preparations for the redevelopment of the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Koorie Voices was one of the most popular displays in Bunjilaka and has kept people coming back time and time again. Its closure was met with a feeling of sadness both at the museum and by the community. It was this feedback that drove the decision to put the images of Koorie Voices back on display.

In June 2012, the Koorie Voices images were installed in the main walk outside Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre. This version focuses on the portraits with all of the photos represented as either printed panels or on screen.

The Koorie Voices photographic installation celebrates the richness and diversity of Victorian Aboriginal people. These images are connections to Ancestors, country and identity.

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Amanda Wedgwood 13 August, 2012 15:10
I was deeply moved by the images on display at the Museum when I visited on Sunday. They are visually stunning but enigmatic - not so much 'Voices' as 'Faces without history'. I would have dearly liked more support material, to tell a little about the history and the fates of these people, and was puzzled by its lack. It would be very puzzlingindeed to the overseas visitor with no knowledge of Koorie history. I have been inspired today to discover a little about Cooranderrk Station, and will try to visit the cemetery there soon.
Mark Schutte 15 January, 2013 19:30
I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the Koorie Voices exhibit. In response to the comment above, I am an overseas visitor, and while I don't know the Koorie history, the exhibit has driven me to go find out! Great job!
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