LEGO® Mystery Mosaic

Past Event: 26 December 2013 to 26 January 2014

Man standing in front of a lego mosaic
Ryan “Brickman” McNaught LEGO® Certified Professional and one of his Mystery Mosaics
Source: The Brickman

Help build a massive LEGO® mural of an iconic James Bond movie scene!

Using LEGO®, you are invited to build a segment of the mosaic and watch as the image is revealed piece by piece.

Created and directed by LEGO® Certified Professional Ryan McNaught - aka “The Brickman” - each Mystery Mosaic consists of 170,000 LEGO® bricks.






Watch time-lapse footage of the mosaic assembly 26-30 December 2013:


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Katherine McVeigh 31 December, 2013 00:58
Had a blast helping out doing my square 733
Melissa Quinton 2 January, 2014 10:51
We helped build on 27 December and will have to come back in to see the finished product in all its glory!
declan 2 January, 2014 15:24
how big are the squares?
Milica 15 January, 2014 00:03
1 unit/dot lego squares pushed onto another backing square that is about 7.5cm square.
Matthew 5 January, 2014 21:03
Awesome initiative by Museum Victoria! - my daughter loved contributing to the display on 5/1/14 - This should definitely be an annual event.
Emma 7 January, 2014 09:50
My children had a blast and keep checking here to see themselves help make the mosaic. Will time lapses of other days be available?
Discovery Centre 10 January, 2014 11:11
Hi Emma! Unfortunately that was a one-off, and there will not be time-lapse photos from other days. We’re sorry to disappoint you and the kids on this occasion, but really glad you enjoyed your visit!
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Paul 14 January, 2014 15:59
kids loved it ... so did I :)
Victoria 19 January, 2014 15:36
Is there anyway to see what the final picture in the wall you contributed to was? The person we asked dishing out the squares said could see timelapse, but it appears that is not the case? Not so fussed about time lapse but would be great if could see what the final picture was - we contributed on 19-JAN.
Anne Lindell 21 January, 2014 13:59
Would love to know where you can buy these unit squares and backing squares. Does anyone out there know???