Living in a Sensory World

Stories from people with blindness and low vision

Past Event: 7 August 2012 to 28 October 2012

Chelsea listening to Daisy Player
Chelsea listening to Daisy Player.
Image courtesy of Vision Australia

How people with blindness or low vision today achieve in all aspects of Australian life.

Celebrating the achievements of the blindness community, this exhibition shows how Australians with blindness or low vision participate in every aspect of community life - thanks to developments in education and training, technology, legislation and social change over the past 140 years.

The exhibition gives visitors an understanding of the world of the blindness and low vision community and celebrates their participation in education, the arts, sport, family and society. It features objects from Vision Australia’s heritage collection, compelling accounts and examples of new technologies that are increasing the independence of thousands of Australians.

Living in a Sensory World has been developed by Vision Australia in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum.

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