Past Event: 16 December 2009 to 21 February 2010

Johnny Young, Aherre (Kangaroos)
Johnny Young, Aherre (Kangaroos).
Source: Courtesy the artist and Tapatjatjaka Art and Craft Centre
Photo: Australian Museum

A contemporary Indigenous sculpture exhibition.

Menagerie features 33 established and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from every Australian state and territory who have each produced sculptural works depicting a variety of Australian animals with a variety of materials.

The exhibition includes works by Victorian artist Treahna Hamm as well as fibre works by Yvonne Koolmatrie from South Australia; ceramics by Judith Inkamala from the Northern Territory; wood carving by Craig Koomeeta from Queensland and work cast in bronze and aluminium by Dennis Nona from the Torres Strait Islands.

Developed by the Object Gallery & Australian Museum.

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Craig Koomeeta, Neetan (Camp Dog) Danie Mellor, Red, White and Blue Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri, Jurrukukuni (Owl). Laurie Nilsen, Emu Dennis Nona, Gubuka (Stingrays) Garth Lena, Echidna Vicki West, Hella Yvonne Koolmatrie, Pondi (Murray River Cod) Marina Murdilnga, Butterfly