Morrie and Ursa

Past Event: 18 August 2007 to 31 May 2009

Huskies at Antarctica
Ursa (left) and Morrie at Mawson, in front of husky Arne.
Source: Diana Patterson
Photographer: Diana Patterson

The last huskies.

Australia kept huskies in Antarctica from 1954. In 1991 Australia signed an environmental treaty on Antarctica that required all dogs to be removed to reduce the impact of introduced species.

The last Australian huskies, including Morrie and Ursa, were removed from Mawson research station in December 1993; Morrie and Ursa lived in retirement for over six years after returning to Australia.

They will be on display throughout International Polar Year.

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Kerrie Farnsworth 17 July, 2012 13:14
I remember hearing at the smart bar that one of the dogs was met by the taxidermists that prepared them when they died. Which one was it?
Discovery Centre 21 July, 2012 10:37

Hi Kerrie, a couple of museum Preparators went out to meet Ursa before she passed away. Ursa was also met by several other staff when she came to an office once occupied by museum staff at 222 Exhibition St Melbourne while the Melbourne Museum at Carlton was being built.


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