A Day in Pompeii

2009 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

Past Event: 26 June 2009 to 25 October 2009

Mt Vesuvius
Mt Vesuvius
Source: Museum Victoria
Illustration: Darren Pryce

An exhibition depicting the daily life of one of the world's most extraordinary cities: Pompeii.

"A fearful black cloud was rent by forked and quivering bursts of flame . . . darkness fell . . . as if a lamp had been put out in a dark room."  Eyewitness account, Pliny the Younger.

On August 24, A.D. 79, the Roman city of Pompeii was buried by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The very debris and ash that so suddenly and violently ended life in Pompeii also encased the city in a virtual time capsule. As a result, Pompeii is today one of the most complete and intact archaeological sites in the world.

A Day in Pompeii takes visitors back in time to experience life and death in this cosmopolitan city. The exhibition features hundreds of exceptional objects that laid buried in Pompeii’s ruins for over 17 centuries. Included are room-size frescoes, marble and bronze sculptures, jewellery, gold coins and everyday household items – all of which evoke the richness and culture of daily life in the Roman Empire’s favourite vacation resort.

Most poignant and dramatic, however, are the body casts of the volcano’s victims, frozen in their last moments: a couple in their final embrace, a man clutching a cloth to his mouth, a fleeing slave with his ankle manacle still in place, a dog struggling on its chain.

Melbourne Winter Masterpieces is a Victorian Government initiative and is exclusive to Melbourne, Australia.

Presented in association with the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei.

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xfdgaefbebgtb 20 October, 2010 13:13
how sad
joan coleman 2 November, 2010 06:27
how exciting to be able to see this exhibit cant wait but also so very sad that so many people lost their lives. please keep on showing these exhibitions
Di Hunt 2 November, 2010 13:54
This was a fantastic exhibition - we thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a great idea to watch the short film first which explained the timing of occurrences.
LOL 11 April, 2011 12:41
WAS GREAT!~!~!~!~
Tim 14 June, 2011 16:25
Will 'A Day in Pompeii' be coming back to Melbourne Museum?
Discovery Centre 16 June, 2011 13:28
Hi Tim, there are no current plans for the exhibition to return.
Selly 12 September, 2011 22:04
What are the exhibitions planned for next year?
Parry 11 April, 2012 16:02
i saw the exhubition and it was just amazing. if the exhibition was still there i would go again. i have a question also, Is there an exhibition on now? if so what is it
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Jasmine 21 May, 2013 16:02
So sad!! I cried!!!
yourmum 25 March, 2015 15:57
i cried so much that i didn't know what happen

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