Premier's Design Awards 2008 Exhibition

Designing the future of Victoria

Past Event: 17 July 2008 to 3 August 2008

Source: State of Design 2008: Victoria’s Design Festival

Celebrate Victoria's best designers and their works.

The Premier's Design Awards is a biennial awards program developed by the Victorian State Government to recognise design excellence in Victoria and is one of the key features of the State of Design 2008 Festival; Victoria's Design Festival.

The Premier's Design Awards 2008 Exhibition will showcase all award-winning designs from the Awards and will range from various design fields including architecture, interior design, graphic design, multimedia design, landscape design, fashion design, set design to industrial design.

To find out more about the Premier's Design Awards 2008, visit (no longer active)

The Premier's Design Awards 2008 Exhibition is a Victorian Government Initiative presented as part of State of Design 2008: Victoria's Design Festival.

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