The Artefact Exhibition

Past Event: 14 May 2010 to 7 November 2010

Bow of <i>Titanic</i>
Bow of Titanic.
Source: RMS Titanic, Inc.

Journey back to 1912 and experience Titanic's maiden voyage.

Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition - must close 7 November.

Don’t miss one of the world’s most popular exhibitions - see it before it leaves Australia.

Late night openings from Monday 1 November.

Explore detailed reconstructions of the ship’s interior including the Grand Staircase and First and Third Class cabins.

Discover how the ‘unsinkable’ ship met its fate and connect with the personal stories of people onboard as you view artefacts recovered from the ocean floor.

See treasures never before presented in Australia in this Melbourne-only showing.

Timed Entry
Titanic is a timed-ticket exhibition. Tickets have a specific boarding time, at 15 minute intervals throughout the day.

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ada 12 September, 2014 21:25
Hi will the titanic exhibition be in melbourne this year? If so where abouts?
discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au 13 September, 2014 09:06

Ada, I am afraid this exhibition will not be in Melbourne and more than likely not returning.  It has already showcased at Melbourne Museum and is currently overseas.

Rebekah 21 October, 2012 20:40
Is there any chance of the exhibition traveling to Perth??? Long shot I know as nothing seems to come over this way very often :( Thanks xx
Discovery Centre 22 October, 2012 11:08
Hi Rebekah, I don't know of any immediate plans for the Titanic exhibition to visit Perth but you could probably find out for sure by contacting Frontier Touring Company.
sia 27 May, 2012 23:18
Would they ever come back to Melbourne again? What are the chances? I would love to see this expo once more.
Kristen 8 May, 2012 18:03
Hi, I have ALWAYS loved the stories from Titanic. Can you please bring this exhibition to other places like Brisbane??? Big ask, but thanks anyway
shanaye 23 April, 2012 20:34
why is the exhibition in melbourne?
Kiara 19 April, 2012 17:41
Hi there, I've always been very interested in the Titanic, as so many people are. I'm from Perth and I've been looking into flights to Melbourne so I can view this exhibition, but I was reading that all the tickets have sold out. Is there any chance that we can get tickets at the door? I'm desperate to go. I'm looking at going late september/early october?
Discovery Centre 20 April, 2012 10:44

Hello Kiarra,

Titanic exhibition was on display between the 14 May 2010 to 7 November 2010 and has now closed and left Melbourne.

Joe Stanovsky 14 April, 2012 23:42
I'm retired engineering prof. I have been collecting data and writing about RMS T since 1977. I say NO ICEBERG on starboard side: it sank too fast, never listed and dove into water. 85 ft sq section of ship fell off first and all was doomed thereafter.
Elizabeth & John Stewart /From Central Otago New Zealand 14 April, 2012 18:18
We went to see the Titanic Artifact Exhibition on a trip we did to Melbourne in May 2010 in it's 2nd week from opening I recall. Well we both were totally in awe with the whole experience. I just couldn't believe the silence of all the folks in there literally stunned and staring at the various exhibits, lots seemed to be very deep in thought at what tragedy those travelers of long ago experienced. We bought various items at the shop on site and will always treasure them. Even now with the 100 years since Titanic met her demise and all the TV programs now showing over the last while on History & National Geographic on Sky TV, I have vivid memories of when I was young in the 1950's of my folks and grand parents talking about it. It's one of history's profound moments that will be remembered way into the future. It was an outstanding highlight of our 10 day stay in Melbourne. Brilliant place, can't wait to go back and "explore" more of that wonderful city. Regards John..
Parry 11 April, 2012 16:11
I am extremely fond of Titanic and missed the exhibition. some of my friends got to see it but i didn't, they bragged about. is there any chance of it coming back?
victoria atkinson 11 March, 2012 18:02
I travelled from Sydney with my daughter for my 45th birthday to see the exhibition. It was TOTALLY Breath taking. Seeing all the items that were at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean was mind numbing. Thank you to the people who brought it to Australia, I only have one thing to say "THANKYOU", it was the best thing anyone could have for present.
Bridey Parker 28 August, 2011 13:20
Truly inspiring. I would have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Learning about the stories of many survivors really touched my heart and many others. It had a large amount of interactivity which really engages people. The ice-berg was freezing, but still great to touch.
meg 31 July, 2011 09:49
well i have not seen the exhibition but for our school im doing a speech about the titanic
Discovery Centre 16 June, 2011 13:30
Hi Tim, we're sorry that you missed out, it was a very popular exhibition. There are no current plans for it to return.
Tim 14 June, 2011 16:23
I didn't get to see Titanic because the tickets were SOLD OUT on the last day! Will Titanic be coming back to Melbourne Museum?
Emma 13 June, 2011 15:38
I loved that exhibition and it was so fascinating! I would have loved to be on the Titanic in 1912. I saw the movie 6 times! I am only 10!
Peter Rozario 5 April, 2011 17:58
While on holiday from Bangalore in Melbourne during April-June,2010 i did get to visit the Exhibition, and wish to say it was a wonderful experience and well done job by you. At the entrance you did have us photographed and then handed us the boarding pass, bearing the same names of the passengers who were on the titanic, which was wonderful. Even the tiny artifacts of the control panel of the ship you did display, along with coal and an iceberg...wonderful job and well done really. I now look forward to coming over from here in Bangalore India to visit the next exhibition of King Tut which begins on 19th April while i am there in Melbourne for a short time. You guys are doing a wonderful job to educate the people who otherwise may not be able to travel to all these places to view the same. Great! Peter Rozario, Bangalore, India
June R Roddis 21 March, 2011 21:48
I went to the Titanic exhibition just 2 days ago. Wow.. For a true Titanic fanatic (number of years), I was in awe of everything. I was interested in one comment about the rooms 'swaying'. Can I say that when I was in the 'bridge' room with the deck flooring, I was swaying quite a lot and not able to keep my balance and found myself walking unsteadily accross the boards.! I had a dull ache accross my shoulders while looking at the artefacts and a very dry mouth with a 'funny' taste in it.! When I came out of there into the next exhibit I was ok.! My son didn't experience anything like this while in there. I 'm a very sceptical person and would probably think that if someone had told me they experienced what I did I would have found it hard to beleive them. I cannot and would not lie about this especially when I am posting what I said on this site for scores of people to read. I honestly thought it was some special effect that the exhibit had provided for us. I am not worried about my experience, I was glad I experienced it. If no-one wishes to beleive it then that's their pro-ogative because I know that I did.
Brayden 4 March, 2011 17:39
i feel sorry for all the lives lost on the titanic.and how the family members left behind must have felt really upset.
shannon 21 February, 2011 20:17
i was amazed at how well set up this exhibition was i was ucky enough to be apart of history and i thank u melbourne mueseum and micheal kidinski who i believe fought to get this exhibition over here i also beleive that there are more artifacts in other mueseum completly different to the one over here hoping that next time maybe would could get this one over i had the best and amazing time learning about these ppl aboard the titanic and again thank so much
crystal nemai 18 February, 2011 10:06
i love the show
Dolon 12 December, 2010 18:15
i want to meet the Hawa, Phil MADAFFERI about exhibition
Discovery Centre 3 December, 2010 13:08
Hi Hawa, we are so glad you enjoyed the exhibition. Some bodies were recovered straight after the sinking, while others would have drifted or gone down with the ship. There were no bodies recovered from the ocean floor with the artefacts. As the sinking was nearly 100 years ago it is unlikely that any remain.
Hawa 30 November, 2010 16:06
everthing at the Titanic Exhibition it is very good. i have seen special House and special photos.everthing was available at the Titanic Exhibition was beautiful. I want to know about passenger Gallery what happened to the people recovered from the ocean floor please?
Phil MADAFFERI 29 November, 2010 04:22
I am from Perth, Western Australia and I made the trip over from the west coast of Australia to go see the Titanic Artefact Exhibition in the Melbourne Museum along with watching the film Titanic 3D: Ghosts of the Abyss at the IMAX. Both were very interesting and informative. It was well worth the money spent to fly over from the west coast of Australia. All in all I give the whole Titanic Artefact Exhibition a 10/10. Until next time I visit the Melboune Museum I want to personally thank all those who made the Titanic Artifact Exhibition possible. Seasons greatings from myself and I wish you all a happy new year. * RIP - To all those who were on the Tatanic and have now passed away. You will never be forgotten and you will live forever only in our memories. *
Mel Madafferi 12 July, 2013 14:37
Thank you for The RMS Titanic docos...
Discovery Centre 23 November, 2010 14:36
Hi Mohammed, we're glad you enjoyed the exhibition so much. You can find out about all the Australians on board and whether they survived on our Question of the Week: Australians on Titanic.
marcus 23 November, 2010 13:27
Mohammed Esmael 23 November, 2010 13:25
1-The exhibition is by far the greatest I've ever seen. I enjoyed it very much and lovedit.Thank you for such wonderful artifacts. 2- Can I please have the names of the Australian survivors on board?
Chris 21 November, 2010 23:58
Wow! The exhibition was amazing. I swear I have never had so much fun
DAVE 14 November, 2010 16:27
Hi do you still have teh titanic tea light candle that comes in a round rustic box? and how much were they? Thanks
Jenny 12 November, 2010 16:48
My elderly mother, myself and my sister did the VIP tour and from reading these posts about crowds I'm glad we did it that way. It allowed us plenty of space to explore the entire exhibition. The expense was really worth it and I have read the book that came with the deal over and over. The exhibition was fantastic. I loved the sound effects of the engines getting louder the further down you went, it gave a sense of reality of being onboard. If I didn't live in Tassie I'd do it again and again. Thanks for a brilliant exhibition.
titanic's bigest fan 10 November, 2010 16:37
I loved going and seeing the titanic at melbourne museum it was the best I think that I am titanic's bigest fan and I always will be.
Discovery Centre 10 November, 2010 13:55
Hi Mike, 

Thank you for your enquiry. At this point in time the Titanic touring exhibition schedule is not known beyond current exhibitions in London and Las Vegas. Please check the following website for exhibition schedule updates  http://www.rmstitanic.net/

Discovery Centre 9 November, 2010 14:11
Hi Lea, you can research the fate of all the passengers on Encyclopedia Titanica passenger list.
Narges Ahmadi 9 November, 2010 13:58
hi,i went to the museum with my teacher and classmates. I enjoyed the Titanic Exhibition. It was really unbelieveble!!! Especially in the iceberg room, when i touched it i felt that i was one of the passengers.
lea 9 November, 2010 13:25
Hi,the Exhibitions was great and I really enjoyed it.I and my friend made a special trip to see the Titanic Exhibition .Thanks to the staff of the Melbourne Museum , they did an excellent job.Good luck in the future. I check the name of the passenger on my boarding pass but I did not check the fate of her children.Is it possible to do this on line?
Nicole 9 November, 2010 11:06
I had been wanting to see this exhibition after hearing many friends tell me how good it was. My 7 year old has recently become very interested in the Titanic. I booked flights and tickets to the exhibit just in time, we went on Friday. I really enjoyed it and thought it was worth the trip from Tassie. It was very crowded but I found if you hung around long enough you got a look at everything. There was someone dressed as Captain Smith, I'm not sure if they were part of the exhibit but it did add to the enjoyment. I particularly liked being able to touch an iceberg. My only complaint was the gift shop was nearly empty!! I would have liked one of the books about the exhibit.
Mike 8 November, 2010 20:38
Heyy. Look I know this was out for a while but i missed it and for a long time i have wanted to go. I am only 15.. so will this be out again in my lifetime in Melbourne?
Linda 8 November, 2010 13:02
Hi, I was just wondering if there was a souvenir book with photos of items in the exhibition? I got one at the Pompei exhibition but was unable to find one at the Titanic exhibition??
mark 7 November, 2010 13:27
It was interesting, but I feel that a piece of Titanic be that a robust piece of less significance should be available for the gloved touch, i.e a small section of hull piece. Considering the amount of artifacts now raised from the bottom, surely little damage would occur to solid materials, after all many have survived being submersed in sea water for almost one hundred years. This would provide the viewer a true connection to history. Looking through perspex or fence off area is also good, but is little different than looking at a photo. Also site maps from were the artifacts were originally installed on the Titanic would of been advantageous.
Carrie Woodward 6 November, 2010 18:37
Hi I went to see the Titanic Today. The Second last day in Melbourne before it close and I wanted to say how Great it was. I loved that you can have a phone and listen to the history of the Tatanic as you walked and looked around insted of reading it you understand more of the ship and what happen by them explaing it to you. I loved looking at the things you found under the ocean from thoses years ago. by all I really enjoy it I was really Happy and glad I went before it close .I am also happy thats the person I got on my bording pass from Second Class servied the sinking.
Lisa 5 November, 2010 18:03
Leaving where I live @ 3:30am this Sat morning in hope of getting a couple of tickets to this. Travelled 4 hrs thursday to find out it was sold out! Disappointing. I think that this expo should go to Sydney as well. Not just one city.
Arrianne from Colac 5 November, 2010 17:06
i find the exchibishen vely guud. it was a gud exchibishen.i find lot of of informashen in de exchibishen. go to it, you know. just go. yoll like de exchibishen. ok. so go. yoll like it.
Jen 4 November, 2010 22:13
Only complaint I have is the fact that I have been trying to book tickets and the website was screwed up last week so I went into the museum anyways to see if I could pre purchase and I couldn't and now I have to spend my saturday morning trying to get tickets with no guarantee :( like.. it doesn't need to be THAT difficult especially when the website told me I could buy tickets and when I called up to ask a question I was told i missed out! i am dying to see this exhibition if I miss out I am going to be so disappointed!!! If anyone already has pre purchased tickets I am willing to buy and even pay more :(
mary ferguson 4 November, 2010 16:13
i like it but it was very crowded and everyone pushed so maybe next time something can be done differently. and to buy food is very expensive.other than that all good thanks :)
Jo 4 November, 2010 09:39
I first saw this exhibition in London in 1994 and it has changed considerably since then. It was good to see it again and a few items that weren't on display previously, and it is much better presented now. However, I did not enjoy the crowded environment. It was very difficult to get to see everything and you did not feel as though you could spend the time looking at things that you wanted to. I would have preferred to have paid more for my ticket and had a less people in there. There are way too many people being put through and not enough time between groups. This really spoilt the experience for me and my husband.
Megan 3 November, 2010 20:33
I visited the exhibition today and have a word of warning for anyone still wishing to see it. It is horrendously crowded. We were unable to see everything, our patience was sorely tested and our money was wasted. For anyone travelling to Canada, there is a maritime museum in Halifax (Nova Scotia) which has an excellent, permanent Titanic exhibition - without the crowds.
Wendy 2 November, 2010 19:09
Last weekend my daughter and I made a special visit to Melbourne from Tasmania, for the express purpose of visiting the Titanic Exhibition. Imagine our disappointment to get there and be told that it was sold out and we were therefore unable to see the exhibition. We intended to have a look at the exhibition only, (not a VIP booking)and did not realise that it was necessary to book for this. As soon as I came home I tried to make a booking before the exhibition finishes, but have read on this website that it is not possible. How very disappointing, as I have heard that the whole experience of the Titanic Exhibition is "fantastic." We are extremely disappointed to have travelled all this way and missed out.
Disappointed 2 November, 2010 16:21
After I had purchased 2 tickets for the exhibition with audio description and the movie, we were told by friends that it wasn't worth going to see, I think there was so much hype about it we expected more.
Discovery Centre 1 November, 2010 16:12
Hi Danielle, thanks so much for your great feedback! We are so glad you enjoyed yourself. With regard to the tickets, we reserve some for people who come on the day because not everyone has internet access or a credit card, so we wanted some to be available for those people.
Discovery Centre 1 November, 2010 16:04
Hi Jan, this shouldn't be a problem. Please contact us through our Ask the Experts page with your full contact details and we'll chase it up for you.
Danielle 1 November, 2010 11:55
I visited Titanic yesterday and flew in just for the day from brisbane to visit the exhibition. It was frustrating that i couldnt buy tickets a few days beforehand online as these were sold out, yet when i arrived i was told to join the que. If tickets were available, how come i couldnt get these online? The exhibit was very fascinating and i think it is fantastic that some of the areas had been recreated ie the first class foyer, 1st class cabin corridor etc. this provided you with an idea of what it must have been like to be aboard. I do however think that at the start you should have been greeted by crew members and other characters (molly brown etc) should have been boarding with you. i also think that there should have been roaving characters from each class when you entered the various areas, particularly the boiler room. When you entered i think it should have been quite hot and there be men shoveling coal and the red siren to go off as if the water was entering the water tight compartments followed by the chaos that would have taken place when it did happen. it would have been nice if pictures could have been taken of the areas that did not contain artefacts as well. i also would have thought there might have been more merchandise for sale, for example a nice hard cover thick coffee table book, replica star line stationary, replica china (the blue first class dinner plate), the toothpaste jar, postcards of some of the famous identities that were on the ship.It was an absolute delight to see all the artefacts and something that i am so proud to have seen and visited. thank you melbourne museum for obtaining a wonderful exhibit and also for extending the closing date! i am so glad that i have seen something that i know will be talked about for generations to come.
steven moxham 1 November, 2010 01:16
love it was good as
David 31 October, 2010 11:59
Too expensive in ways of a four yo $16 what a joke how about a better deal you may even see more people thru the door
Ally 30 October, 2010 16:11
I throughly enjoyed the exhibition and must commend all the staff and behind the scenes people who made a HUGE effort to make this exhibition successful! I was amazed at what was brought up from the ocean, overwhelmed, excited and also was sad at the final outcome. The movie doesn't do any justice and until you actually walk through the exhibition, it feels like you are part of the journey. I told all my friends and one of them have booked for the last week of it. I am now looking forward to the Tutukamen and Egyptian artefacts coming in April next year.
Discovery Centre 29 October, 2010 15:39
Hi Catherine! Thank you for your lovely comment. For Titanic books and souvenirs, please feel free to contact the Melbourne Museum Shop directly.
Peter Johansen 29 October, 2010 09:02
I enjoy Titanic – The Artefact Exhibition very much. It was in the touring hall (where we had the exhibition of 2006 Melbourne XVIII Commonwealth Games in about 2007). We can’t have everything in Titanic like second class berths, furnitures, elevators, gymnasium and so on – only a limited range of Titanic – The Artefact Exhibition. It’s on from Friday, May 14th (a day before Australia’s teen solo sailor Jessica Watson arrives back in Sydney after 210 days out at sea sailing around the world) until originally going to be Sunday, October 17th. In my opinion due to popular demand, the season has been extended for three weeks until Sunday, November 7th. I heard it’s going to Singapore next. I also heard that it should be in New York in 2012 to celebrate the centennial celebrations of sinking of RMS Titanic. The dates for centennial (100th) celebrations of launch of RMS Titanic on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 next year, completed on Saturday, March 31st, 2012 (possibly a day after school term 1 finishes), depart Southampton in England and arrive Cherbourg in France on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 straight after Easter on April 6-9, arrive Queenstown (known today as Cobh) on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012, struck an iceberg at 11.40 pm on Saturday, April 14th, 2012, and sank at 2.20 am on Sunday, April 15th, 1912 – the first weekend after Easter on April 6-9 (possibly just before school term 2 commences).
Jan Maidment 28 October, 2010 17:21
If possible I would like a copy of the passenger ticket for Elizabeth Mellinger nee Maidment please. All our family have attended the exhibition but were unaware until now that such a ticket might be acquired. Could you help me please? Regards, Jan Maidment
Discovery Centre 28 October, 2010 11:12
Hi Stacey - It is exclusive to Melbourne Museum whilst in Australia; after Melbourne, we are not sure where it will be heading. You might try contacting Frontier Touring, who are responsible for the event in Australia.
Anne & Winston Doak 27 October, 2010 12:35
My husband & I visited the exhibition earlier in the year and have just discovered your website. We were greatly impressed with the way the relics were exhibited. Well worth the visit!
catherine alman 27 October, 2010 11:18
I took my daughter 17, and my son 6, to view the exhibition in september this was our first visit to melbourne,we absolutely loved the exhibition,some parts of it had me fighting off the tears I have always had an interest in the Titanic and to actually be able to see real pieces of the ship and artifacts , just incredible. As I was a little short of cash I could not get myself and my family the 3rd class mugs ,can I get them on line or order them from the gift shop.Thanks for one of the most wonderfull adventures in my life
Stacey 27 October, 2010 09:54
I'm disappointed that I won't be able to visit the exhibition. Will it be moving elsewhere in Australia?
Discovery Centre 26 October, 2010 14:58

Hi Sharon - Where medical emergencies prevent visitors attending the Museum on the day of their scheduled visit, Melbourne Museum will do their utmost to move a visitors booking to a more suitable date, if available and with appropriate notification, but otherwise tickets cannot be refunded or changed after the date and time of visit.

cool <3 B.M 26 October, 2010 14:52
Titanic is cool!!!!!
Nicole 25 October, 2010 22:38
Sydney is a multinationally recognised city. Each time I go to melbourne I have missed it. Us Sydney siders also want the opportunity to see the exhibition. Why not come to Sydney?
Discovery Centre 25 October, 2010 16:12
Hi Wendy, thanks for your feedback. Our response to Rob & Diana on 21 October indicates that the images are available and indicates where you can access them.
jared 25 October, 2010 07:07
I am eight and I love the TITANIC
David Rolfe 25 October, 2010 02:06
The exhibition is Excellent. I went there back in August. I loved it in there. If I lived in Melbourne I would have been going back to see it again and again. Well worth spending the money on Airfares and accommodation from Sydney. Melbourne Museum puts on a great exhibition. When I walked in there I was just shocked and was holding back the tears. I am a collector of Titanic related artifacts.
Daniel 24 October, 2010 17:56
just went and I have to say what a great exhibition it is, if u have not been yet I recommend you do so. It is amazing that we are seeing 100 year old artifacts and that these belonged to some passengers, great experience, only criticism would be the overcrowding and unable to have a good look at each display.
wendy 23 October, 2010 20:07
hi. I was at the exhibition today and totally forgot about the photo taken. can i look at this online from home? If not, then maybe this should be the case for the future. In the Seattle Needle, photo is taken, you are given a number and can either purchase pic on the day or using machines provided there along with the id number given to each pic, can email it to yourself at own email account so you can print off at home or save to a disc if you want. Very reasonable!
Sharon Garnet 22 October, 2010 10:53
We were suppose to go on the 16th oct and due to it snowing and bad weather in Marysville we didn't want to risk driving down the black spur. Contacted you but was told nothing you could do for us. So disappointed and really was looking forward to it.
Rob 21 October, 2010 15:24
Hi there, beautiful exhibition, thanks very much. Very haunting and eerie being amongst all those artifacts. My only negative - It was very crowded, and we were unable to get close to view many items due to crowds, we tried waiting but the bustle just never cleared to be able to see everything. An issue also seemed to be the lighting, many (some elder) people seemed to have trouble viewed cased items and reading fine print in the dark areas, which slowed things down considerably. We missed much of it due to the crowding. Any way to space out the crowds would be an improvement. Well worth seeing though.
Discovery Centre 21 October, 2010 10:45

Hi Rob & Diana,

The photos in the Titanic exhibition were taken by Showtime Pictures, so you will need to contact them directly to view your photos.

Janine and Mike from NZ 20 October, 2010 13:01
Wow, thank you for a wonderful time. We booked into see this for Tuesday the 19th of October, I am so pleased we prebooked tickets. I love how well organised this was with the timed entry. We enjoyed the boarding pass and then waiting at the end reading the list to see whether we had made it or not made it very real. I actually thought as a nine week baby I would have died, so breathed a sigh of relief to find I survived with my family. However our family lost our father and husband. It turns out my boarding pass was Milivina. Was interesting to read she was the last longest survivor until her death last year. What a wonderful exhibition this was!! We were both blown away by the work that has gone on to make this possible for the public to experience. Also loved the touch of the photographer and yes we did end up buying the photos......
James 18 October, 2010 18:57
We traveled an 1 1/2 each way to get to the Titanic Exhibition LAST Sunday to find it had sold out for the day. Well done!
Discovery Centre 17 October, 2010 10:25

Hi John,

For Titanic books and souvenirs, please feel free to contact the Melbourne Museum Shop directly.

Discovery Centre 17 October, 2010 10:19

Hi Julie,

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the exhibition - feel free to let us know the names of your ticket holders and we'll go and check the wall and let you know how they fared...

Discovery Centre 17 October, 2010 10:12

Hi Stephanie,

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the exhibition - to chase up your photos though, you will need to contact Showtime Pictures.

Bethany 16 October, 2010 23:23
OMG, this exhibit is amazing! Me and my family have always been interested in this type of history and so when we heard that this was coming to melbourne we knew we HAD to go. My friends had been to it earlier in the yr and told me how amazing it is and i have to say i definatly agree with them. I love the way that some parts of the exhibit are set out for interaction from the public and how we are given boarding passes so we feel like a part of something fun and interesting. Over all this was a great experience for me and i hope that u will bring back the exhibit again soon :D
Melanie Gregorsons 16 October, 2010 21:52
I saw the Titanic Exhibition in Melbourne a couple of days ago; and I absolutely loved it! I can't believe that you had so much wonderful artifacts from the Titanic that archeologists must have located. Thankyou Melbourne Museum for such a wonderful tour of one of the most amazing ships that I have ever heard of.
Harro Im Yerro 15 October, 2010 17:50
YEER GUBBA. :D Titanic is da BOMB. peace out Melbourne homies.
John Griffiths 15 October, 2010 01:35
I saw the Titanic Exhibition in Las Vegas in Feb 09,and was most impressed.One of the highlights of a trip to Las Vegas-better than gambling !!! Do you have a gift shop there,selling Titanic books,souvenirs and artefacts ?Many thanks
julie brown 14 October, 2010 20:34
We loved the exhibition - my 5 yo son dragged me through the whole exhibition so as to see everthing as quickly as possible, and then went back to the start again. However, my son and I did not get a chance to check the Memorial Wall for our ticket holders fate. Is it possible to do this on line?
Stephanie 14 October, 2010 11:05
Hi, the exhibition was great, i really enjoyed it! Just wondering is it possible to see the photos that we got taken on the stairs and when entering? we completely forgot to go see them at the end, are they available online to see and purchase?
David Farlow 10 October, 2010 19:21
This exhibition is by far the greatest Ive ever seen!!! Melbourne Museum seriously knows how to make an impression the staff were extrmely friendly. I don't think Sydney could even handle it. I made a special day trip just to see the Titanic exhibition from Newcastle NSW and it was well worth the airfare. Im hoping to get down to Melbourne to see The Titanic exhibition again before it leaves Australia. if I can. This was unbeleiveable!!! David Newcastle NSW
Bec 10 October, 2010 14:19
Going to another Museum as a young person - i thought Boring! But alas when you first walk in and have your photo taken then going along with your boarding pass (which has the story of one the real life passengers and whether they survived or died - this you find out at the end of the expo) i was truly amazed and inspired, understanding how the passengers felt and what they were going through was overwhelming and gave me so much more respect for all the people that were on the ship. It was also excellent having a picture where the 97 movie titanic looked to be taken - just a shame there was no leonardo dicaprio standing at the clock for me....
Discovery Centre 9 October, 2010 14:38

Hi Susannah, it is great to hear that your mum loved the exhibition.  It is exclusive to Melbourne Museum whilst in Australia and after we are not sure where it will be sailing to!

Susannah 8 October, 2010 16:55
Hi, My parents just came back from australia (we live in NZ) and mum raved about the exhibition. I would love to see it too. The Titanic fascinates me and I would like to find out if it is coming to NZ and if so, when?
Discovery Centre 8 October, 2010 15:56
Hi Hugh. There is indeed a Leslie Williams listed on the passenger list of Titanic who died and was buried at sea. His occupation is listed as 'pugilist'. You can find more information about him at Encyclopedia Titanica and by doing a general search under his name on the site you will come up with a number of references about him from various sources. We hope you enjoy the exhibition!
Hugh 8 October, 2010 10:01
My grandfather, Les Williams, was on the Titanic. He was a professional boxer and I understand his passage etc was paid for as he was going to Philidelphia for a series of fights. He died of exposure and we understand (via my son's research) that he was buried at sea. We are coming to see the exhibition on 29 Oct and wondered if these facts can be verified. Some of his personal possessions that he had on him were returned to the family like his engraved ring,etc.
Jane 7 October, 2010 23:52
I trust that you publish negative feed back as well as positive feed back in the interest of fairness and balance. We attended the exhibition this evening and were bitterly disappointed. My son has been obsessed with the story of the titanic for several years and we felt compelled to attend. We have been looking forward to seeing the exhibition since it opened and finally got around to it tonight. We were booked in for 7 pm, which was marked online as "filling." We entered, after being held in a queue, at 7.20. The exhibition was completely and utterly over crowded. There were many many exhibits that we could not get anywhere near as we shuffled around like a pack of lemmings, shoulder to shoulder with the crowd. I do not know how many people you are letting in per session but there were FAR too many people there this evening. It was uncomfortably full and made any chance of a proper viewing of the exhibition impossible. I would go so far as asking for my money back we are SO very disappointed by the way in which the exhibition is being handled. In fact I would like to speak to someone about getting a refund. I do not believe that the number of people viewing the exhibition was appropriate. Of course we understand that it is a very popular exhibition, however to fill it to the point were comfortable viewing is denied to people who have paid good money to see it, is just wrong. I am very sorry we went . It was a complete waste of time and money.
Heather 7 October, 2010 21:08
I was looking forward to visiting the Titanic exhibition, but was really disappointed when I did yesterday. There are way too many people in there at one time to enjoy the exhibition - you spend more time waiting to look at things than actually looking at them. It completely ruins the feel of the whole tragedy and how impressive it should be to look at the artefacts. I was told it was fine to take my pram in and it was really really annoying. I did not enjoy the visit and would not recommend this exhibition to friends or family.
Elle 7 October, 2010 18:07
please please please please please please please bring the exhibition to Sydney. I have just looked to see if there are any tickets available for this weekend and there is none. It was going to be the highlight of my weekend and as i am at sea for most of the year this was my only opportunity to go and sea it. I will be very disappointed if there are no tickets at the door. Hopefully it lives up to everything i have read on the website if i ever get in.
Chris 6 October, 2010 23:41
Wow. I was thinking of going to see the exhibition (I live in Adelaide) and ever since reading everyones comments, my decision has been made! Thankyou soo much, I cant wait until I go. THANKS!!
Nathan Henderson 4 October, 2010 23:30
WOW WOW WOW!! It was fantastic! Myself and my partner came to melbourne from brisbane just to see the Titanic Exhibit! It was amazing! Hope it comes back again!!
julia lee 3 October, 2010 15:04
This was the best exhibition I have ever been to!!!!!! Well, especially since I've never been to one before!!! LOL!
Rebecca 3 October, 2010 12:33
I have just returned from Melbourne and was fortunate enough to see the wonderful Titanic exhibit. The exhibit does a wonderful job of honouring the lives of the people who died in the tragedy, preserving the relics as well as giving an insight into what it was like to sail on the world's most luxurious and advanced ship of the day.
Toni Steltman 3 October, 2010 11:53
Hi,We live on the Gold Coast in QLD and my husband,son and myself are booked to fly down on the 22nd oct (friday)and we and coming to see the Titanic exhibition on saturday the 23rd oct and we are also watching the imax film as well we can not wait.Our son Jake who is 11 just loves the Titanic,he knows so much about it and he can not wait to see it all. Thank u.
Discovery Centre 3 October, 2010 10:30

Hi Colin,

There are concurrent exhibitions related to Titanic hosted around the world. The exhibition on show in Melbourne is entitled ‘The Artefact Exhibition’ and seeks to include as many objects, facts about the ship and passenger stories from building the Titanic, the launch, the ship itself at sea and to its fateful night and sinking on April 15th. The last gallery of the exhibition briefly highlights the United States Senate inquiry in to the tragedy and sinking of Titanic. The British Board of Trade also held an inquiry to which Lord Mersey did conclude Californian might have saved many if not all of the lives that were lost.

The exhibitions primary focus is artefacts and passenger stories from Titanic though, other exhibitions around the world have included different stories, including the rescue ship Carpathia, White Star Lines, the Olympic etc. Due to the wonderful opportunity to host this exhibition in Melbourne we have included the Australian stories of the 6 passengers/crew involved in the Titanic instead.

We are pleased to read you enjoyed the exhibition. Thank you for your feedback.

George/Nathan 2 October, 2010 11:43
WOW i went to the museum and with my cousin Nathan it was REALLY REALLY COOL
Kathleen 1 October, 2010 19:52
I am coming to Melbourne to the Titanic exhibition next weekend and I am really excited. I saw another exhibition many years ago in Hobart and have never forgotten it but I'm sure this one will be huge.
Catherine 1 October, 2010 09:26
After learning about the haunting Titanic story as a child I have had a 30 year obsession with its story and its people. To see this exhibition was a dream come true. It is such an honour to be able to view the personal items from the very real people who were aboard. I really liked the way the exhibition celebrated the lives and the memory of those aboard rather than dwelling on the death and tragedy. Well done and thankyou to all those involved.
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Colin P 30 September, 2010 16:23
A most impressive exhibition to be sure but why no reference atall to the fact that the steamship "Californian" which was hove to a few miles from the "Titanic" did nothing when sighting the eight distress rockets fired from the bridge of the latter? Nor was the wireless room of the "Californian" manned at the time thus missing the frantic morse signals being sent out continuously by the stricken liner. Had the "Californian" responded it is entirely likely ALL those who perished in that disaster would have been saved. The ommission of this historical fact is "spin" of the worst kind. Every visitor to this exhibition not previously acquainted with the true facts will have continued to be in blithe ignorance of what could have been. Surely therefore denying them the realization of how poignant the tradegy really was.
Ann-Marie 30 September, 2010 15:40
I came from Adelaide to see the Titanic Exhibition and i thought it was very informative but it would have been nice if staff where dressed in costumes of the time.
yo yo yo yo 30 September, 2010 10:20
titanic is the bomb brother peace out ;);)
sarah 29 September, 2010 19:50
i have not been yet but is it god becaue i want on wendays and it was soled out
Discovery Centre 29 September, 2010 13:40
Hi Raewynne, as indicated in our answer to Irene we don't know where the exhibition is going after Melbourne but you might like to contact Frontier Touring who are responsible for the event in Australia.
jazz 29 September, 2010 00:10
ive always been fascinated with the titanic i think it was harland and wolffes fault as well as the captain,bruce ismay,the calliforions fault i wish i could have gone on the titanic i loved the book polar the titanic beat also is it true that 30 men stood on collapsable b.
Morgan 28 September, 2010 13:45
I went to a night session on the 7th and got completely swept up and drawn in 2.5 hrs just didnt seem long enough. I found myself just staring at exhibits and wondering about the people, who owned,used,worked with the items. Looking at items from the Bridge and wondering what went through the Crews mind as lights and whistles flashed, and realising the impossible had happened. I also discovered that I may of had a relative aboard still looking up the family tree but very likely. Its a wonderful exhibition and cleverly done if you have'nt seen it do so its an amazing experience.
Charlotte 28 September, 2010 13:16
It looks great! Can't wait to go!
Raewynne 27 September, 2010 18:06
Can you please tell me, will the Titanic Exibition be coming to New Zealand. Thannks.
Discovery Centre 27 September, 2010 15:55

Hi Rhonda, to allow as many visitors to see Titanic as possible we have a range of session times available. Session times are scheduled until to 75 minutes before closing time most days, and 90 minutes on evenings. As our Titanic FAQs state on the website:

Visitors need a minimum one hour to view the exhibition. Most visitors will want to stay longer, and in this case we suggest visitors buy session tickets for earlier in the day or arrive early to secure limited tickets sold only on the day. Especially if visitors believe they will need more than the minimum time. The opening and closing times are disclosed on our website for each day to plan your visit also.

Discovery Centre 27 September, 2010 14:37
Hi Remi. The coal is really from the Titanic. It was found in the debris field around the ship.
Discovery Centre 27 September, 2010 14:27
Hi Georgina, unfortunately the exhibition won't be travelling to Tasmania. After it closes in Melbourne it will be heading to another country. Hopefully you'll be able to make it to Melbourne before then.
Tracy Stansfield 26 September, 2010 16:03
very excited about coming to see the exhibition on Tuesday...have always been very interested in the Titanic and all its stories...
Rhonda Waight 26 September, 2010 00:14
Your comment about one and a half to two hours is correct. Friends and myself went to a 7.30 session, we were hurried throught the second last room and didn't get to see the last room at all because the museam was closing. We were queued up for approxamitly 20 minutes to get in. The last session should start at least two hours before closing time. Thought the exhibition was great, but because of the time factor us and many others were very dissapointed.
Ian Black 25 September, 2010 18:36
I enjoyed the exhibition, but why not mention that Capt. Smith ordered that Titanic steam into an ice field at 21 knots? Also, I noticed that: One panel said 22 tons (19950kg) of grease was applied to the slipway. But 22 tons is 22353kg. Why not just say 22 tonnes? Another panel said 2 tons = 1814kg. It's not. Two tons is 2032kg. A third panel said the pressure is 6000psi = 4218417kg/sq m. At 12460 feet (3798m)depth and seawater density of 1.027 tonnes/cu m we have about 5550psi which would be much better expressed as 3900 tonnes/sq m. Ian Black
Discovery Centre 25 September, 2010 15:36
Hi Svohra - Do you mean how long does it take to get through the exhibition comfortably? We recommend that people allow one and a half to two hours to see everything. Enjoy!
Murad Ertaylan 24 September, 2010 19:15
Yesterday we flew to Melbourne from Adelaide just for the Titanic exhibition. Although it was fascinating, it did not answer all of my questions regarding Titanic. It would be better if there was a world map showing the original route and the final destination of her. Thank you anyway for the invaluable experience.
Svohra 24 September, 2010 12:22
hi - how long did it take to do it comfortably?
June McGregor 24 September, 2010 07:25
I saw the exhibiton in August and felt the excitement and sadness as I roved through all the different areas. I am going again in October. I bought the book, photos and 2nd class cup and saucer from shop. Want to get 1st class plate next time and a DVD. Would have liked postcards of the set up of the 1st and 3rd class rooms and the corridor set up. Worth keeping as you are not allowed to take photos. An exhibition not to miss. Thank you.
Wildthing#333 22 September, 2010 18:59
Sounds like a heap of fun!!
Discovery Centre 20 September, 2010 13:40

Hello Ida

The floor does not move in the exhibition space but it sounds like you and your friends really became immersed in the full experience of the exhibition.

Ida 20 September, 2010 12:26
My girlfiends and I attending the exhibition on Saturday, it was great. A lot of mixed emotions. Loved the idea of the boarding pass. Can you settle something for us, in some areas of the exhibition was the floor swaying, it is really weird but after my friend told me she believed it was, i could feel it too. Maybe it is all in the head.
Bridey Parker 15 September, 2010 17:50
We have not gone yet but are in 1 week I am very excited thank you all for writing comments because it give some more information about how great the exhibit will be.
Discovery Centre 15 September, 2010 13:24

Hi Irene, what a shame you'll miss the exhibition. Unfortunately we don't have any DVDs specifically of the exhibition but there is a catalogue. You can order this by contacting Melbourne Museum Shop.

Irena & Audrey, we are not sure where the exhibition is going after Melbourne but you might like to contact Frontier Touring who are responsible for the event in Australia.

101ofabutterfly 14 September, 2010 18:50
i am going too it soon it will be sooooooo exciting
Audrey 14 September, 2010 15:11
Hi there, I was in Melbourne for a week and didn't find out about the exhibition until some days after. Because I had no access to a computer, I couldn't book my tickets online and had to leave disappointed as the exhibition was fully booked out for the days I could go. Is there any chance that this exhibition will be brought to Singapore any time soon, since it's been all over the world? Thanks!
Discovery Centre 14 September, 2010 14:02
Hi Therese glad to hear you enjoyed the Titanic exhibition.  In terms of photographs inside the exhibition, these are indeed optional for visitors.  We hope you'll visit Melbourne Museum again in the near future.
chandu 13 September, 2010 20:49
hi iam chandu,i love this very mush.it is impress me a lot
Therese 13 September, 2010 14:23
Hi. I attended the Titanic exhibition and thought it was a very well put-together and thoughtful display, particularly the poignant personal stories and artefacts (documents, clothing, jewellery, etc.), as well as the cabin replicas. Many thanks to the Museum for bringing this to Melbourne. The only suggestion/improvement I would make is to give people the 'option' of having their photographs taken upon entering the exhibition (i.e. photo with the ship as soon as you enter) rather than this be a mandatory requirement. I didn't want my picture to be taken at all but was not given an option by Museum staff to refuse this (I didn't want to purchase this photo at the end anyway, but don't like the idea of my image being available on a computer somewhere). The other suggestion I would make is to have some staff dressed up as roving Titanic passengers among the crowds, i.e. people dressed as 'typical' first, second, and third class passengers and engage these people in activities that would have been taking place on the ship (while not getting too tacky, and being respectful of the memory of those who died of course). Visiting this exhibition was well worthwhile and I would highly recommend those who have not attended to do so before the closing date (and get in early because of the crowds!). All up it very much left me feeling how precarious and precious life is, and how very important it is to keep records and artefacts to preserve the memory of those who were lost. Thanks again.
james 13 September, 2010 12:06
Natasha 13 September, 2010 09:48
Hi I'm Natasha , I loved the information, facts and images On this museum it's really interesting and fun to hear and watch I love the bones and art in the museum and I hope I continue to investigate more interesting facts over the years :):)
Irena Spaits 8 September, 2010 17:31
Hi I was all set to go to the exhibition, but because of family member going into hospital will sadly miss it. Is there a DVD of your exhibition and where is it going onto after Melbourne.
carol riddell 8 September, 2010 08:58
Hi,I loved the Titanic exhibition,my Husband and I were there last Monday,I bought a few things from the Titanic Gift Shop and was wondering can you buy the gorgeous plates at all,I bought a first class bowl and would now like to buy the first class matching plate,if you can't I will either come back in to buy one or I will get a friend who is also coming soon to get another for me. many Thanks Carol.