Top Designs 2012

Past Event: 24 March 2012 to 15 July 2012

Source: Suzy Tuxen, “A Friend of Mine” design
Source: Suzy Tuxen, “A Friend of Mine” design

Designing our future.

Showcasing Victoria’s exceptional emerging designers, Top Designs features inspiring works by Victorian secondary students, including furniture, fashion, graphic and product design, film, print layout, photography, animation, food product planning, websites and mechanical electronic projects.

Works are accompanied by folios and design plans produced by the VCE and VET students.

Presented by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority as part of the VCE Season of Excellence.

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Sophie 15 March, 2012 10:47
Another great exhibit to show my children.
ryan ross 28 November, 2012 10:13
yeah was good ay
Leonard Higgins 30 March, 2012 21:22
Gareth Higgins T-shirt design is AWESOME! :)
Gail Higgins 22 April, 2012 21:31
Very professional, amazing folios, exceptional talent! Congratulations to all 2012 VCE students and the Top Design team. Very impressive ceremony to launch Top Design.
Yoshi Mario 1 June, 2012 15:02
yoyo gonna be there next week!
Ben Haintz 21 June, 2012 11:14
Great exhibit, really loved the peice by Martos with his great Russian Torpedo. good job!
Edmundo Howes 21 June, 2012 11:27
Can't wait to get down there and have a look first hand at some of the artworks but those blasted sand-monkeys are giving me grief again so i have postponed it to next weekend.
Zac Weightman 22 June, 2012 14:21
Ben Haintz, I argree with you on that. I would encourage anyone who hasn't looked up Martos's 'Russian torpedo' on Google images to do so.
aytan poratt 23 August, 2012 12:31
hi i am a curent vce student and was wondering if we could get some actually examples of folios on the site so i have an idea of what im doing regards A-man
Discovery Centre 23 August, 2012 15:34

All the folios from Top Designs exhibitions have been returned to their owners, we don’t feature them on the website. For further information you should contact the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority - they are the organisers of the exhibition and you may be able to purchase a catalogue.

Lauren Ellis 24 August, 2012 16:57
Aytan, another option is to get hold of a copy of the Top Designs 2012 catalogue. The CD Rom on the back cover features a large number of selected pages from folios. You can still buy them in the Melbourne Museum Shop if your school doesn't have a copy ($20). Best of luck, Lauren.
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Chris Touras 15 March, 2013 20:17
What an incredible dress by Meropi. The industrial revolution