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Past Event: 24 March 2015 to 26 March 2015

back of house with live exhibits
Source: Museum Victoria

Want to see what's behind locked doors at Museum Victoria?

Ever wondered how the museum maintains live plant and animal displays in the Forest Gallery, Milarri Garden, Bugs Alive! & Marine Life?

Join us for a behind the scenes tour and meet the museum animal keepers and horticulturalists who care for all the live plant and animal displays at Melbourne Museum.

In order to keep live displays, breeding and back-up populations are maintained in a series of climate controlled rooms. Live exotic tarantulas are maintained in high security quarantine-approved containment rooms and in addition, a small range of reptiles which are habituated to gentle handling are maintained for use in museum programs.

Visit these climate controlled rooms, where many of the animals are kept and hear from Live Exhibits staff and find out about the plants and animals in the collection and on display.

Please note - you may come across live spiders, snakes, lizards and other creatures on this tour.

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