School Holiday Activities

Backyard Spiders: 28 March – 12 April 2015

Are you ready for an awesome creepy crawly adventure these holidays?

Why are spiders important?
Do they all weave webs? 
Where do they live? 
Why are they in your house and garden?

There are many stories and myths concerning spiders. These holidays at Melbourne Museum we can help you answer your spider questions.

Your day of adventure at Melbourne Museum

  • Marvel at the live tarantulas in the Bugs Alive! exhibition
  • Help weave a giant spider web—it will get bigger and bigger everyday throughout the holidays!
  • Learn how to identify a spider using techniques our scientists use (and create your own friendly spider)
  • Spot some Leaf-curling Spiders in the Forest Gallery and Milarri Garden.
  • And, after a morning or afternoon pop in to IMAX Melbourne and see their latest documentary,Journey to Space 3D or enjoy a coffee and a treat at the Museum Cafe.

Whether you’re a first time visitor, or a regular, you’re in for a fun adventure! 

Note: During the Easter Holiday, Melbourne Museum is only closed on Good Friday (Friday 3 April). The museum will be open every other day through the Easter period.