Past Event: 24 July 2014

SmartBar Gold 2014

July's SmartBar is good as gold.

From the gold in them there hills to the cap on your tooth, it's time to dig up all things golden at SmartBar - GOLD!

Get out of that dreary winter weather and come to the museum after dark for pop-up bars, spot talks by museum experts on the 1850s gold seekers, the story of gold teeth, golden beetles, and much more.

We've got music by new RRR DJ Chris Gill from Get Down! and special guests I Scream Nails to give your fingertips a touch of golden glamour. 

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18+ only.

Adults $18, concession and MV Members $16

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Rachel 8 September, 2014 10:13
Hi there, Could you please advise when theme for the October SmartBar will be announced, and when tickets will be available. Also, would we be able to make a group booking? Thanks very much.
MV Customer Contact Centre 11 September, 2014 16:36

Hi Rachel,

The theme for the October SmartBar will be revealed shortly and tickets will be available to purchase online, over the telephone or in person. You can sign up to the MV E-News to stay in the loop

Alice 21 July, 2014 17:00
What time does this event start?
Discovery Centre 21 July, 2014 17:06
Hi Alice, SmartBar runs from 6-9.30 pm.
Peta 19 July, 2014 20:13
Just wondering if people under the age of 18 are able to attend the smart bar with a parent?
Kate C 21 July, 2014 12:11
Sorry Peta, SmartBar is an 18+ event.
Anthony 9 July, 2014 11:37
Can we have future SmartBars on a Friday or Saturday night? Thursdays are tough. And what sort of age group have been attending? I'm 50 and think the idea sounds great.
Sophie 11 July, 2014 12:29
I went to the Get Stuffed event in May and was pleased to see it was a really diverse crowd! Don't worry about your age, if you think it's interesting then this is an event for you.
Sherilee Nickels 21 June, 2014 19:27
I was wondering when the topic for the Smartbar on 24th July will be known. I was considering taking my sister for her birthday but she would not be interested in, say, taxidermy. If it isn't a suitable topic, I'll need to look for other ideas. Cheers.
Discovery Centre 9 July, 2014 16:00
Hi Sherilee,

The theme for July SmartBar is!
Rossy 30 April, 2014 23:27
Cannot make it to the event on 1st May, will there be another show on taxidermy any time soon? Would love to see it
Tina Pop 29 April, 2014 11:29
I find it a little surprising that RRR are a media partner but there are no concessions on this event for RRR Subscribers. Perhaps something that could be looked at in future. Nonetheless I am looking forward to this event.
Discovery Centre 1 May, 2014 16:38

Thanks for your comment - we are investigating getting discounts for RRR subscribers our future Smartbar events.

Bri 27 April, 2014 12:36
Will there still be tickets available on the night? I would like to avoid the online booking fee if possible.
MV Enquiries 28 April, 2014 14:52

Hi Bri,

If we haven't pre-sold all the tickets then the remaining tickets will be available to be purchased on the night.

Melissa 17 April, 2014 11:59
This disturbs me. These poor animals have died for all the wrong reasons throughout history and now being stuffed and displayed. I know people will learn from and see animals from our past but surely letting a animal rest in peace is more beneficial. Why don't we stuff people if it is socially acceptable to stuff animals?
Philippa 27 April, 2014 19:53
There are plastinated corpses much like a form of taxidermy. Also you will find a lot of preserved human specimens, taxidermy is a fantastic way of preserving animals that would otherwise be left to rot somewhere. Sometimes taxidermy animals are the only thing we have left, such as extinct animals like the dodo or tassie tiger.
Discovery Centre 24 April, 2014 16:18

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your comment and sorry to be a little while in replying because of Easter holidays. Perhaps it may be useful to explain the reasons museums keep animal specimens – more for research purposes than to show them. This blog is a good resource.

Museums undertake important and ongoing research to learn more about our fauna, with a view to helping inform its conservation into the future. Specimens come to us in various ways, including as road-kill brought in by interested members of the public.

At SmartBar, we're giving people a chance to learn about some of that work and meet our staff in an informal setting.

Jordyn 1 April, 2014 14:53
Do you have to pre-order tickets for the next event in May? I really want to go and don't want to miss out!
MV Customer Contact Centre 9 April, 2014 15:52

Hi Jordyn,

We always suggest pre-purchasing your tickets and early bird prices are on offer up to one week prior to the night. To book you can call 13 11 02 or visit and select Events.

Adrian 18 March, 2014 19:10
Is there somewhere we can sign up to hear about upcoming Smart Bar nights?
MV Customer Contact Centre 21 March, 2014 12:10

Hi Adrian,

To receive regular updates on Museum Victoria events such as Smart Bar you can subscribe to our online newsletter at

Helen 17 March, 2014 16:09
Missed this one but was wondering what the schedule is for future Smart Bars? Thanks!
Discovery Centre 17 March, 2014 16:20

Hi Helen,

The next SmatBar is Thursday the 1st of May, followed by one on the 24th of July and the 9th of October. Hope to see you there!

Natasha Jones 13 March, 2014 22:49
I am so sad I couldn't attend tonight's function because of work, so please please please, do this Smart Bar again soon so I can go!!!!!

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2014 SmartBar schedule:

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  • 24 July: Gold
  • 9 October: theme TBA