SmartBar: Stuffed

Thursday 1 May 2014

Ever met someone whose job is so interesting you can’t stop talking to them?

Melbourne Museum’s experts will explore the inside story of taxidermy with spot talks and demonstrations at SmartBar: Stuffed.

Learn about the method of hand-made taxidermy, an art that takes many years to learn and even longer to master. See skins and specimens prepared on the night for mounting for the Museum’s collection. 

See flesh-eating bugs strip meat off a specimen’s bones and get up close and personal with mounted specimens from the collection. 

And hear the dramatic story of Melbourne Museum’s taxidermy poster boy, Phar Lap, his scrapes with the criminal underworld, and his tragic death. 

Enjoy a drink at our pop-up bar and hear tunes from Triple R DJs Breaking and Entering, plus opportunities on the night to win something stuffed.



Hide and beak: The insides story of taxidermy at the museum – Bec Carland

Poisoning of Phar Lap – Michael Reason

The Art of Preparatory – Dean Smith

The Mounting (Stuffing) of an Antarctic Husky – Peter Swinkels

Small Mammal Taxidermy and Study – Kevin Rowe

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Event Type: Special Event Talk/Lecture

Thursday 1 May 2014
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Melbourne Museum

$18 Adult, $16 Concession and MV Members

Early bird discount until 24/4/14: $16 Adult $14 Concession and MV Members

Save time and book online (select 'Events including Aztecs programs') or by phone 13 11 02


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Melissa 17 April, 2014 11:59
This disturbs me. These poor animals have died for all the wrong reasons throughout history and now being stuffed and displayed. I know people will learn from and see animals from our past but surely letting a animal rest in peace is more beneficial. Why don't we stuff people if it is socially acceptable to stuff animals?
Jordyn 1 April, 2014 14:53
Do you have to pre-order tickets for the next event in May? I really want to go and don't want to miss out!
MV Customer Contact Centre 9 April, 2014 15:52

Hi Jordyn,

We always suggest pre-purchasing your tickets and early bird prices are on offer up to one week prior to the night. To book you can call 13 11 02 or visit and select Events.

Adrian 18 March, 2014 19:10
Is there somewhere we can sign up to hear about upcoming Smart Bar nights?
MV Customer Contact Centre 21 March, 2014 12:10

Hi Adrian,

To receive regular updates on Museum Victoria events such as Smart Bar you can subscribe to our online newsletter at

Helen 17 March, 2014 16:09
Missed this one but was wondering what the schedule is for future Smart Bars? Thanks!
Discovery Centre 17 March, 2014 16:20

Hi Helen,

The next SmatBar is Thursday the 1st of May, followed by one on the 24th of July and the 9th of October. Hope to see you there!

Natasha Jones 13 March, 2014 22:49
I am so sad I couldn't attend tonight's function because of work, so please please please, do this Smart Bar again soon so I can go!!!!!