SmartBarf: Poisons to Pestilence

Past Event: 12 March 2015

SmartBarf: Poisons to Pestilence

It's our first SmartBar of 2015 and it’s going to make you queasy.

Our experts will be out with diseased body parts, venomous critters, mysterious tales of heart-stopping poisons and stories on the disarming fictions of leprosy.

See live leech feeding and have a meet and greet with some of the live animals that call Melbourne Museum home including Olive the Murray Python.

Get hooked up to an electrocardiograph (ECG) as it records the sound of your heart while jazz musicians turn it into a tune.

Check out the first taipan that was milked for venom and hear the story of the animal biting and killing the very famous herpetologist (Kevin Budden) who collected it.

Our expert stars of the night:

  • Dr Johanna Simkin with her talk on mysteries of the human heart
  • Dr Ryan Jefferies and Dr Chris Hopkins from University of Melbourne showcasing pathology specimens
  • Nick Clemann on the creation of the Victorian Venom Bank here at Museum Victoria
  • Ken Winkel’s talk 'Venomosity: A History of Venom in Ten Objects’
  • Kate Chmiel with ‘Have you heard the one about the leper?’
  • Tom Lang on how to extract your DNA
  • Blaire Dobieski & Shane Hughes surrender themselves for live leech feeding
  • Di BrayMel MackenzieKatie Smith and Martin Gomon talk and discuss their display table, showing critters that poison, sting or bite
  • I Heart Jazz Music - The Museum of Illness and Disease of NSW electrocardiograph machine
  • The museum library will be displaying gruesome medical history books from its collection


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Comments (15)

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Dani 17 March, 2015 10:42
How come this is ending? I only recently discovered it and it's brilliant.
Jerm 'tha shizzle' 13 March, 2015 16:43
Hot dang!! That was one of the greatest nights I've been to in Melbourne!! Thanks so much to Melb Museum, the great experts, and all the melbournians who organised it! Please make it a more regular event - I've been smiling all day!
Kate 13 March, 2015 13:45
I missed last night's. How do I find out when the next one is on?
discoverycentre 14 March, 2015 11:57

Hi Kate,

The next SmartBar events are scheduled for Thursday 20th August and Thursday 15th October.  Please keep an eye on the Museum Victoria website closer to the event date for details.

Kirby 13 March, 2015 08:25
Hey Guys, Just wanted to say it was an epic night and I'm very much looking forward to the next one. Cheers, K
Lauren 12 March, 2015 14:44
Hi tehre, can I buy tickets at the door?
Rosie 7 February, 2015 08:58
When is the next Smart Bar event? I wish you had a dedicated Facebook or webpage, I have signed up for eNews but it would be great to have a place to quickly check in on the planned events for the year!
Discovery Centre 19 February, 2015 14:58

Hi Rosie,

The next Smart Bar will be on the 12th March, information will be posted on our website in the next few days ... watch this space!

Sherilee Nickels 1 October, 2014 14:51
Do Museum Members get a cheaper price?
Rachel 8 September, 2014 10:13
Hi there, Could you please advise when theme for the October SmartBar will be announced, and when tickets will be available. Also, would we be able to make a group booking? Thanks very much.
MV Customer Contact Centre 11 September, 2014 16:36

Hi Rachel,

The theme for the October SmartBar will be revealed shortly and tickets will be available to purchase online, over the telephone or in person. You can sign up to the MV E-News to stay in the loop

Alice 21 July, 2014 17:00
What time does this event start?
Discovery Centre 21 July, 2014 17:06
Hi Alice, SmartBar runs from 6-9.30 pm.
Peta 19 July, 2014 20:13
Just wondering if people under the age of 18 are able to attend the smart bar with a parent?
Kate C 21 July, 2014 12:11
Sorry Peta, SmartBar is an 18+ event.

The Final countdown

Just two events left before SmartBar goes extinct!

Thursday 20 August 2015
Thursday 15 October 2015

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