SmartBar: Get Stuffed

SmartBar: Stuffed

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Get the inside story of taxidermy.

Taxidermy has been a source of fascination for centuries, and now it’s back. Fur real. Spend a night exploring the scientific and historic background of this delicately intricate and sometimes polarising art form with our expert preparators and museum experts at Smartbar: Get Stuffed.

Be intrigued as we prepare specimens for mounting right before your very eyes! You’ll be able to learn the skins and outs of this morbidly magnificent pastime with the museum's very own taxidermists, so be sure to have your curliest questions at the ready. We’ll also be joined by an intern who’s spent the last few months filming a doco on taxidermy at Melbourne Museum (previews included).

This adults-only event is stuffed with demos, drinks, talks and a dash of digital media that will make you think differently about taxidermy, an art form that takes years to learn and even longer to master. You’ll also be able to learn why museums still collect in the 21st century, and explore shifting attitudes towards taxidermy, at Smartbar: Get Stuffed.


Event Type: Special Event

Thursday 20 Aug 2015
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM



Tickets to SmartBar: Get Stuffed have sold out.

Book your tickets to our  last ever Smartbar on Oct 7 all about Extinction – More details coming soon!


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Comments (14)

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cil 24 August, 2015 23:15
can i still down load the ap for the evening? THere was an ap mentioned on the evening, but my phone was flat, and out of memory!! but id like to still explore the ap.... what is it called ? i cant seem to find it anywhere
Discovery Centre 26 August, 2015 14:35

Thanks cil. That’s bad luck about your phone. Sorry, but the self-guided tour was intended for one night only, and was designed specifically to be used during SmartBar, so we’ve switched it off. But we’re glad to hear you were interested!

Natalie 18 August, 2015 12:34
As above, I'd like to know if there is a standby list too!
mv bookings 18 August, 2015 16:05

Unfortunately there will not be a standby list for this event.

But tickets for our LAST EVER ‪#‎SmartBar on Oct 7 are already on sale! The theme will be Extinction, with demos + expert talks about dinosaur & technology extinction as well as what happens to us after we leave this world! ‪#‎TheFinalCountdown ‪#‎MuseumsAfterDark ‪#‎Melbourne ‪#‎Extinction


Nova 18 August, 2015 11:53
So Sad i missed out on tickets to getstuffed! Is it possible to go on a waiting list of sorts?
Sonia 18 August, 2015 11:52
I've only JUST heard about the "Get Stuffed" event and it's sold out! :( Any chance of going on a standby list? Pretty please?
Ingrid 12 August, 2015 17:26
Hi, Can't wait for taxidermy night but is there a break for getting something to eat?
Discovery Centre 14 August, 2015 17:00
Hi Ingrid, there is food available at the bar on the night so you will be able to get something to eat whenever you want.  


Riva springbett 26 May, 2015 09:24
HI my name is Riva! I want to know why the dodo died? I am 10 years old and I go to ST Alipius parish school. What did the dodo eat and where did it live? Thank you for your time, Riva
Dani 17 March, 2015 10:42
How come this is ending? I only recently discovered it and it's brilliant.
Jerm 'tha shizzle' 13 March, 2015 16:43
Hot dang!! That was one of the greatest nights I've been to in Melbourne!! Thanks so much to Melb Museum, the great experts, and all the melbournians who organised it! Please make it a more regular event - I've been smiling all day!
Kate 13 March, 2015 13:45
I missed last night's. How do I find out when the next one is on?
discoverycentre 14 March, 2015 11:57

Hi Kate,

The next SmartBar events are scheduled for Thursday 20th August and Wednesday 7th October.  Please keep an eye on the Museum Victoria website closer to the event date for details.

Kirby 13 March, 2015 08:25
Hey Guys, Just wanted to say it was an epic night and I'm very much looking forward to the next one. Cheers, K

The Final countdown

Just two events left before SmartBar goes extinct!

SmartBar: Get Stuffed
Thursday 20 August 2015

SmartBar: Extinction
Wednesday 7 October 2015

Check back here for details in the weeks before each SmartBar.