Something old, something new...

The marriage of science & humanities at the Museum

Something Old, Something New...

Part of History, Culture & Collections, 2014 Humanities Department Seminar Series.

This seminar will focus on recent discoveries, acquisitions and projects across the many disciplines and collections within the Museum History Collection. From the mysterious case of the undocumented 1870s amateur field notes, to a number of significant acquisitions that reveal more about two notable past directors, this talk will reveal the important work being done to link humanities and sciences in preparation for an update to Museum Victoria’s Collections Online.

The material in the Museum History Collection reveals MV’s role in the history of museology, science, technology and culture both in Australia and internationally. The collection covers items relating to the museum from 1854 to the present, and seeks to document the collections, research and exhibitions and people that made the museum what it is today.


Bec Carland is Curator, History of Collections at Museum Victoria. She has spent the last five years implementing a cross-disciplinary methodology that melds Social and Cultural History and Natural Sciences collections at Museum Victoria.


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