Behind the Scenes | Wet Specimens Tour

MV Members only event

Past Event: 12 November 2014 to 13 November 2014

wet specimen
Source: Museum Victoria

Want to see what’s behind locked doors at Museum Victoria?

Hear directly from Museum Victoria's scientists and see weird and wonderful sharks, deep-sea fishes, fabulous frogs and lizards, and find out about some of the research and hidden stories relating to the Wet Store specimens collection.

This behind the scenes tour gives you the unique opportunity to view some of the hundreds and thousands of specimens stored in this collection area, including the Ichthyology (fish) and Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians) Collections.

Both collections comprise specimens that date back over 150 years. The Ichthyology Collection is one of the oldest and most significant fish collections in Australia, representing 150 years of acquisitions from a wide variety of sources. The Herpetology Collection houses the largest existing collection of reptiles and amphibians from south-eastern Australia, but also contains significant material from elsewhere and overseas.

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Photograph of a yellow plastic Tyranasaurus Rex