Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown

Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown Weekends, Until 9 Mar 2016
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Monday, Saturday, Sunday, 12 Mar - 14 Mar 2016
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Weekends, 19 Mar - 20 Mar 2016
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Imagine a place where time stand stills and the known laws of physics don’t apply.

Imagine a place where the universal order breaks down and where the unimaginable becomes reality; welcome to the world of Black Holes.

Narrated by Academy Award winning actor Geoffrey Rush, this Planetarium show brings to life all that is fascinating and extreme in the world of black holes. What makes a black hole? How do we find them? Would you survive falling into one?

Discover what science has taught us about these most bizarre creations. Follow their story from an extraordinary idea of the late 18th century through to their unexpected detection almost 200 years later.

Black holes - no longer the stuff of science fiction, their discovery has been a triumph of modern science. An incredible journey from imagination to reality.

Produced by Melbourne Planetarium. 

Families, children aged 10 years and up.


Event Type: Planetarium Show

Weekends, Until 9 Mar 2016
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Monday, Saturday, Sunday, 12 Mar - 14 Mar 2016
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Weekends, 19 Mar - 20 Mar 2016
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Melbourne Planetarium

$6, plus museum entry.
Museum Members receive discounted entry to the Planetarium and FREE general entry.

Bookings recommended especially on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.
Phone 13 11 02

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Kiki 2 April, 2011 11:58
The black holes show seems to come and go often at the planetarium. I was wondering when you were planning on showing it again as I would really love to see it!
Discovery Centre 8 April, 2011 14:50

Hi Kiki, Black Holes is not running for Autumn Holidays, which start end of this week, but it will return as a weekend show from Sat 30 April and run every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm until the Winter Holidays that begin Saturday 2 July.

PokoPokon 10 October, 2012 23:43
ANGELA? omg I just found out we have a planetarium in melbourne, this is so freaking awesome XDD
MARDAH 29 July, 2013 09:29
David 13 April, 2011 22:24
I was visiting from Sydney one long weekend and was told to just arrive at scienceworks and I would obtain ticket. I arrived and they had sold out and no one was helpful that they could organise a ticket for me, eventhough I followed their instructions. I WOULD NEVER visit your silly facility again. NO ONE WAS Helpful.
Discovery Centre 19 April, 2011 09:32
Hi David, we have sent this to our Customer Service Manager at Scienceworks, who we believe has been in touch with you personally.
Coon Cheese 19 April, 2011 19:23
I really want to see this! It sounds really cool!
Happy person 8 May, 2011 13:20
it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
youssef 17 February, 2014 06:18
this is the best experience since I went to Alton towers
spider 8 June, 2011 20:46
i so want to see this
Mariana 13 June, 2011 12:22
I would like which age range is the target public for this show.
matt 13 August, 2011 20:38
hello, i saw the show today and there was a reference and accompanying animation to a book in which a research vessel was jettisoned with a person still inside and sucked into a black hole. I have forgotten the title and author but would like to read it. If anyone can give me this info it would be really appreciated. Thank you
Discovery Centre 23 September, 2011 12:30

Hi Matt, the book is called “Gateway” by Frederik Pohl.

Jack 1 September, 2011 19:10
It rocks to much to be true
Jess 3 September, 2011 22:48
Is there a chance you will have the blackhole show over the summer holidays?
Amali 22 September, 2011 16:15
when is this playing again??
Discovery Centre 29 September, 2011 14:27

Hi Amali, Black Holes is not scheduled again until the Summer Holidays (starting Boxing Day) when it will run every day at 3pm until the holidays ends and schools resume for 2012. Incidentally, the new animated show Tilt is scheduled for the summer holidays as well. It replaces Spinning Out which is being retired.


Kathryn 29 September, 2011 10:36
My partner and I are thinking of coming but all your programs seem to be targeted to really young kids, I know you must do some like that but could you fashon some shows for adults? This one looked really good but it isn't showing now, are you bringing it out again?
Discovery Centre 7 October, 2011 14:52

Hi Kathryn, Black Holes will be on every day for the Summer Holidays (starting Boxing day).  Escape From Andraxus, is suitable for adults and is on every day of the spring school holidays. It covers the life cycle of stars. A new show, called Tilt, which covers seasons, is expected to open this summer. Our award-winning show Our Living Climate, examines the relationship between climate and life on Earth and is on every day of the week.

In March we'll be running our very popular Discover the Night Sky sessions: five topics over five Thursdays evenings with astronomer Dr Tanya Hill, plus telescope viewing (weather permitting). Phone or on-line bookings will open in February 2012.

Tim 14 January, 2012 18:02
Is this show "Black Holes" showing with "Tempus.Ruhr" in Fulldome Fridays?
Discovery Centre 15 January, 2012 11:57

Yes, Black Holes is showing with on Feb 10th and 24th both at 7:30pm.  Check the following :

Po-Suan 14 January, 2012 18:05
When is the show "Escape from Andraxus" coming back? It only showed in the Spring School Holidays.
Discovery Centre 18 January, 2012 12:47
‘Escape from Andraxus’ will be shown every Sunday at 1:00pm from 7th Feb to 30th March (1st Term)
Wayne 17 May, 2012 12:58
Hi This show is fantastic. I highly recomend to anybody wanting a great planetarium show. There was a science fiction novel mentioned in the narration. Does anybody know the name of it?
Discovery Centre 19 May, 2012 10:08

Hi Wayne, the novel was “Gateway” written by Frederick Pohl in 1976 and still in print. Most recently published by Gollancz UK in 2010 as part of their Science Fiction Masterworks series.

Jackson 27 May, 2012 09:21
I saw it yesterday and i loved it and I want to see it again!
Josh 10 June, 2012 09:53
Hi guys at the planetarium, I was just wondering if there was any chance that I could speak with a professional on black holes. P.S. I am coming in tomorrow to see the show.
Discovery Centre 10 June, 2012 11:21
Hi Josh,
If you have any specific questions you would like answered, you can submit them through our Ask the Experts website.
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We love receiving comments, but can’t always respond.

Jo 15 June, 2012 12:53
Hi, my experience with Planetarium show is similar to David's above. We arrived and both shows were booked out. It would be really good if you could have second or backup scheduling of the show in the event the first being booked out. It is very disappointing to arrive a little early, have to stand in a long line and then be told that the show is booked out and unavailable. Perhaps you could also have some indication on the website of how how much room is left as it gets closer to ehd day, at least?
Discovery Centre 15 June, 2012 15:33

Hi Jo,

We are sorry that you had this experience. If you visited on the long weekend, an extra show was put on however this also sold out. The Scienceworks website does have a 'Check Latest Availability' function where ticket sales are shown as available, selling or sold out for the Planetarium, Lightning Room and the Wallace & Gromit exhibition. Hopefully this will be of assistance to visitors for future shows.

Michelle 25 June, 2012 08:52
I'm visiting Melbourne in early August with my 7yr old son. What shows will you have on then? I'd like to plan our trip. We saw the Star Wars exhibition some years ago and had a fantastic time.
Discovery Centre 27 June, 2012 10:25
Hi there Michelle, you'll notice that all our new times, including those in August, have now gone up! Simply click on the different shows at the left and you'll be able to see if they suit your timeframe.
Jeremy 7 July, 2012 20:32
Hi There: what age range do you suggest for this show? My 5 yr old wants to bring his friends to a show at the planetarium for his birthday (he's seen the Tycho show maybe 15 times and loves it) This show looks to be pitched a little older though. How do kids that age respond to this show? thanks :)
Discovery Centre 11 July, 2012 14:52

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your enquiry. If you'd like to give the Scienceworks Bookings & Enquiries team a call on 9392 4819 and they'd be happy to give you some more information about the age ranges for each Planetarium show.

Elisha 1 November, 2012 16:33
Hi, I was just wanting to know when there might be a new show coming to the planetarium? I have two children who are in love with the black holes showing and I am keen to take them to another program when one becomes available. As much as I can appreciate the need for children programs my two are inclined to sit through a more documentary style program. Thank you in advance for your time.
Discovery Centre 5 November, 2012 14:33

Hi Elisha, Perhaps “Escape from Andraxus” would interest your children if they’ve not seen it? It’s semi-documentary and covers the life cycle of stars and stellar evolution. It currently runs Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm.  

An alternative is Swinburne University’s public astronomy shows in their virtual reality theatre at their Hawthorn Campus. They run during school holidays. See this link for details:


Karen 19 November, 2012 22:46
Find it quite difficult to figure out which show is on when at the planetarium ... can you help?
MV Customer Services 20 November, 2012 15:20

Hi Karen,

To find the upcoming shows for the Planetarium, please click here.

Select ‘Planetarium’ - (Please note that if you are interested in visiting the Carnival of Science or the Lightning Room, you need to select the appropriate combination tickets at this step)

Click “Check latest availability”

Then select the day you are interested in.

If you are interested in booking your ticket, follow the rest of the prompts on the ticket buying web application.

Alex 20 January, 2013 10:11
Kate 30 January, 2013 23:25
Hi there Will the 'Black Holes' show be back on the Planetarium program any time soon? Thanks
MV Customer Services 1 February, 2013 11:05

Hi Kate,

'Black Holes – Journey into the Unknown' will be returning to the Planetarium every weekend from the 17th April to 28th June. Session times will be available close to the dates.

Melia Khallouf 18 April, 2013 16:57
Hello, Will there be any evening shows coming up at the Planetarium? Thank you.
MV Customer Services 8 May, 2013 14:10
Our annual Discover the Night Sky evenings will be running Thursday nights in August 2013. You  can subscribe to Skynotes to keep up to date with the Planetarium and Discover the Night Sky updates:
cara 25 May, 2013 23:16
hi there, i was just wondering if the black holes film is still showing and if so what times? thanks
MV Customer Services 29 May, 2013 12:07
Hi Cara,

Black Holes will no longer be showing at the Planetarium. Keep an eye on the website for an updated program!
Owen Rogers 6 October, 2013 19:03
This was the first time for my children at the planetarium -they loved it! brilliant show we will be back :)
James 13 March, 2014 12:57
Hi MV, Will Black Holes be returning for 2014? Around the April-June period like 2013. Very interested in catching it. Thanks.
MV Enquiries 19 March, 2014 10:44
Hi James, Black Holes may be returning to the Planetarium late April to late June 2014 but we won't be able to confirm this until the end of April so give us a call then and we'll let you know!
Kaz 14 December, 2014 15:39
Trying to plan a surprise for my partner and was wondering which shows would be running up until Christmas? How long do they go for? Thanks in advance :)
MV Customer Contact Centre 15 December, 2014 10:20

Hi Kaz,

For older children and adults we would suggest Starlight or Our Living Climate in the lead up to Christmas. You can check session times and book online  or by calling 13 11 02. Both shows include 'What's In The Sky Tonight' and run for approximately 45 minutes.

mumuksh nayak 18 January, 2015 00:39
this is amazing infomation on black hole and the whole galaxy
Stephanie Dellios 16 March, 2015 16:28
Hey, was this still running? if not what shows would i be able to see at the end of march to the start of april?
MVBookings 19 March, 2015 14:10

Hi Stephanie,

Black Holes is not scheduled for the foreseeable future. Our What's On page indicates which Planetarium shows are running for the time period specified.


Vivi 10 August, 2015 23:28
Will Black Holes be returning this year or 2016? Would love to see it! Please re-run!