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Andromeda spiral galaxy
Andromeda spiral galaxy
Source: ESA/Herschel/PACS/SPIRE/J. Fritz, U. Gent; X-ray: ESA/XMM Newton/EPIC/W. Pietsch, MPE

During March, learn more about astronomy in these after-dark classes.

Join the Planetarium’s Astronomer and discover some of the wonders of the universe. Each evening will also include a different aspect of Backyard Astronomy, your guide to the night sky, the opportunity to stargaze through telescopes (weather permitting) and a glass of wine with cheese.

Evenings start promptly at 7:30pm. Bookings required.

Sold Out - Thursday 6 March: Travel the Universe
We invite you on a tour to the far reaches of space. You know the Universe is big, really big, but nothing can compare with the experience of seeing it for yourself.

Thursday 13 March: Solar System Discoveries
Catch up on the latest news and discoveries from the spacecraft that are out and about exploring our Solar System.

Sold Out - Thursday 20 March: Colours of the Universe
The Universe is full of colours we can’t see. Peer through the eyes of the remarkable telescopes that help us discover the true depth of the Universe.

Sold Out - Thursday 27 March: Dark Energy
Most of the Universe is made of stuff we don’t understand called dark matter and dark energy. What are they and why must they exist?


Dr Tanya Hill, Curator of Astronomy, Museum Victoria

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Deirdre Haberli 15 August, 2013 18:39
Hi, why I am hearing about August events starting in the beginning of August, being told they sell out quickly on the 15 August? A little heads up, some earlier knowledge would be appreciated. Not in the middle of the month.
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Paula McLoughlin 2 March, 2014 11:49
will you be doing the discover the night sky astronomy classes again later in the year - really interested but can't make the Thursday's in March
MV Enquiries 4 March, 2014 13:41

Hi Paula, we try to offer Discover the Night Sky astronomy classes two times a year (March and August). Keep an eye on this page and we'll release the next set of dates nearer the time!

Lesley Smith 5 March, 2014 16:00
Can you please please please run a second "Travel the Universe" class. Absolutely gutted to have missed out!
Sarah 12 March, 2014 14:23
Me too! I'd have loved to have gone!
Zeena 12 March, 2014 14:28
I received this email today (12 March) and would have loved to see all the classes. Its ridiculous to send out the notice in the middle of the month!
nathan Black 13 March, 2014 20:36
To whom it may concern! I live on the Mornington Peninsula and would love to know the details and contacts of The Astronomy Society down their instead of going all the way to Museum Victoria. Thank You for Your time and hope to hear from You soon and have a great week ahead. Cheers and regards Nathan.
Rob F 20 March, 2014 18:49
Hi This looks like a decent series of lectures. But why are they run just twice per year? There is obviously demand for them. Why not run them more often? If like to go but just found out more. Also I've been to programmes here before and the facilities are great. But the shows can be a bit dumbed down (I mean the ones that are not aimed at kids). Why not have a serious of advanced lectures,for people who know a bit about space but don't have access to a telescope? I'd go!
Discovery Centre 19 April, 2014 14:37

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your feedback. We are continuously developing and tweaking our programming for people of all ages at Scienceworks – is fantastic to hear your feedback and incorporate into our review process.

Sabina lokic 26 March, 2014 15:01
Yeah u email us when they have already started. You should run them more often ad they sell out. Also mv members pay the same amount as non members for the 4 visit pass!
Dar 27 March, 2014 11:40
I would like more notice of events happening too. It's quite concerning that there is a demand for more & no explanation of why? I hope someone could enlighten us on this important enquiry.

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