Discover the Night Sky Astronomy Classes

Carina Nebula
Carina Nebula
Source: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and STScI

Due to overwhelming popularity Discover the Night Sky Astronomy Classes have sold out.

Discover the Night Sky returns with a new range of astronomy classes delivered using the Planetarium’s new projection system.

This series combines information with a unique and interesting night out, complete with a glass of wine and cheese.

The evening will finish with stargazing through telescopes (weather permitting).

25 years of the Hubble Space Telescope

Wednesday 5 August

It was 1990 when the Hubble Space Telescope lifted off and changed the way we view the cosmos. Discover its greatest achievements and the beauty of its science.

The dwarfs: Ceres and Pluto

Wednesday 12 August

For the first time ever, spacecraft have visited two prominent dwarf planets - Ceres in the Asteroid Belt and Pluto in the Kuiper Belt. What have they revealed about our Solar System?

The Light Fantastic

Wednesday 26 August

2015 is the International Year of Light and when it comes to astronomy, light is at the heart of everything we know. That light can travel for billions of years, with a story to tell and information to be found. This is the journey of how we have come to know the universe.

Astrobites: Black Holes

Wednesday 2 September

Astrobites bring focus and attention to some hot topics in astronomy. This season we get up close to black holes. What are these beasts that have crossed from science fiction into science fact? And follow the latest quest to take the first picture ever of a black hole itself. Is it possible?


Dr Tanya Hill, Curator of Astronomy, Museum Victoria

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Deirdre Haberli 15 August, 2013 18:39
Hi, why I am hearing about August events starting in the beginning of August, being told they sell out quickly on the 15 August? A little heads up, some earlier knowledge would be appreciated. Not in the middle of the month.
Rod walker 26 August, 2013 19:10
Hi There, do you hold these night sessions in September?
MV Bookings 29 August, 2013 11:21


Discover the night sky is held twice yearly.

Generally dates are in March and August of every year.


John Oliver 16 December, 2015 09:09
Hi, I loved the Discover the Night Sky series in August. Is there any news on dates for March? Many thanks John
Paula McLoughlin 2 March, 2014 11:49
will you be doing the discover the night sky astronomy classes again later in the year - really interested but can't make the Thursday's in March
MV Enquiries 4 March, 2014 13:41

Hi Paula, we try to offer Discover the Night Sky astronomy classes two times a year (March and August). Keep an eye on this page and we'll release the next set of dates nearer the time!

Lesley Smith 5 March, 2014 16:00
Can you please please please run a second "Travel the Universe" class. Absolutely gutted to have missed out!
Sarah 12 March, 2014 14:23
Me too! I'd have loved to have gone!
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We love receiving comments, but can’t always respond.

Zeena 12 March, 2014 14:28
I received this email today (12 March) and would have loved to see all the classes. Its ridiculous to send out the notice in the middle of the month!
nathan Black 13 March, 2014 20:36
To whom it may concern! I live on the Mornington Peninsula and would love to know the details and contacts of The Astronomy Society down their instead of going all the way to Museum Victoria. Thank You for Your time and hope to hear from You soon and have a great week ahead. Cheers and regards Nathan.
Rob F 20 March, 2014 18:49
Hi This looks like a decent series of lectures. But why are they run just twice per year? There is obviously demand for them. Why not run them more often? If like to go but just found out more. Also I've been to programmes here before and the facilities are great. But the shows can be a bit dumbed down (I mean the ones that are not aimed at kids). Why not have a serious of advanced lectures,for people who know a bit about space but don't have access to a telescope? I'd go!
Discovery Centre 19 April, 2014 14:37

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your feedback. We are continuously developing and tweaking our programming for people of all ages at Scienceworks – is fantastic to hear your feedback and incorporate into our review process.

Sabina lokic 26 March, 2014 15:01
Yeah u email us when they have already started. You should run them more often ad they sell out. Also mv members pay the same amount as non members for the 4 visit pass!
Dar 27 March, 2014 11:40
I would like more notice of events happening too. It's quite concerning that there is a demand for more & no explanation of why? I hope someone could enlighten us on this important enquiry.
Mad 29 April, 2014 09:12
Will there be any more night classes held in April/May/June?
MVBookings 29 April, 2014 15:06

Hi there,

Thanks for your enquiry.

We offer after-hours, adult events on Thursday nights in March and August.

For cub scout groups, we're offering two after-hours sessions on Friday 13th June. For more information about this event, please contact the Scienceworks Bookings & Enquiries Office on 9392 4819, 9am tp 5pm, seven days a week.


Noosha 15 May, 2014 00:20
Hi there, I have been to these classes and they are unbelievable! Loved every minute. As mentioned earlier by others, I would love if there were classes for adults more frequently - maybe once to twice a month? Considering most sessions you run in march & August sell out - there seems to be a need & want for it. Just a suggestion, I look forward to it but really wish there was something more regular I could sign up for. And some new topics between August and March would be great - these ones are repeated identically. Overall, love your work and want more! :)
a.j.t 16 May, 2014 16:22
I am going with my school to science works grade 4 on Monday 19 of may 2014 YAY
Zeljka 19 May, 2014 16:53
Is Thursday 13 March: Solar System Discoveries ok for children, my son is 4 & has just be introduced to the solar system & loves it what do you recommend ?
MV Enquiries 20 May, 2014 13:58

Hi Zeljka,

Solar System Discoveries will most likely be running again in August as we try to offer Discover the Night Sky classes two times a year. Discover the Night Sky classes are more adult orientated but we offer a range of planetarium shows during the day that are aimed at younger audiences. We would recommend Tycho to the Moon as the most suitable show for your 4 year old. Further information about costs and session times can be found at the following link:

Scott Richmond 26 May, 2014 18:10
Are the August Discover the Night Sky sessions still going to happen? I would also like to voice my disappointance at the lack of information about such an amazing sounding experience. Is there a mailing list or anything we can sign up to get news on this as it comes?
Anusha 16 July, 2014 12:46
My daughter is six years old, what kind of shows will be interesting/suitable at her age? And would they be available during next school holidays
Luc 20 July, 2014 15:57
Car parking is available at $2 per day. What time does the car park close? Is parking available for evening sessions? E.g until after 10.30 pm on 31/7?
MVBookings 23 July, 2014 10:21

Hi Luc,

The $2 flat rate applies for use of the car park between the hours of 9am and 5pm. At any other time you should be able to park there free of charge.


James 21 July, 2014 09:39
Is this this same program from the past couple of years?
MVBookings 23 July, 2014 09:36

Hi James,

Colours of the Universe on 14th August debuted last year and the final show, Starlight, on 21st August is brand new.

We hope to see you at Discover the Night Sky.

Peter Wylie 29 July, 2014 16:05
Thankyou for offering these programs :) Looking forward to the experience.
Rachel Kennedy 31 July, 2014 22:50
Thanks Tanya and team for a great night at the Backyard Astronomy session tonight. What a great insight into our skies and the amazing world beyond them. Wine and cheese was a great way to finish off the evening! Looking forward to experiencing more sessions within the series.
Monika 4 August, 2014 10:55
Will the Thursday 21 August: Starlight - Premiere screening of the new planetarium show only be the show or will there be a lecture too ?
Michael 24 December, 2014 03:54
By the fact that you only make night viewing available twice a year you have ensured inaccessibility of astronomy to the general public. Im on holidays noe, not in March or August when its convenient to the Museum.
Denise 9 January, 2015 20:12
Hi there, I'd love to attend the next Discover the Night Sky course - do you have the 2015 dates yet?
MVBookings 12 January, 2015 10:40

Hi Denise,

The next Discover the night sky season is planned to be August.  Please visit our website in July (or sign up to Museum Victoria E-News - It's free!) for updates on exact dates.

Effie 20 January, 2015 13:52
Hi, just wondering if you have any films on auroras planned for near future?
Melanie Suares 26 June, 2015 16:10
Hello, fantastic way to spend a winters night in! Can I bring my boys who are 10 & 12?
MVBookings 28 June, 2015 15:08

Hi Melanie,

We don't encourage that children attend this event as it is marketed to an adult audience with alcohol being served.

Christian 29 July, 2015 15:36
Is this targeted to adults only or can children attend as well? Also, are there concession and kids prices as well? Cheers
Filomena Erdely 30 July, 2015 12:37
I am interested in the Discover the Night Sky. Do I need to have knowledge in this area, as I do not and want to learn.
Troy Thomson 6 August, 2015 17:57
Is there any cancellation or re-sale of tickets? I really want to take my partner on her birthday (Wednesday the 26th) If there are any options for this please please let me know! Many Thanks
T 11 August, 2015 12:33
Hi, Who is the best person to contact to find out when tickets become available for next session and if tickets suddenly become available due to cancellation etc.? Thank you. :)
JF 11 August, 2015 16:32
Having spent the money to attend the 'Valentines Day' night at the Planetarium, only to be patronised by a kids film about being afraid of the dark, it's a depressing reality as an ADULT genuinely interested in science, that I'm better off visiting IMAX than Victoria's premiere Science museum. I get it - families are big business, and have to be catered for (the same is true of my Zoo membership, which I won't be renewing for the same reason) but an institution like Scienceworks should have an obligation to encourage education of ALL demographics. The problem, of course, is that aiming at 'families' means actually aiming at young children, as the patronising 'Stories In The Skies' film demonstrated. The fact that no-one there thought to perhaps program a different film on an adults-only night is a pretty good demonstration of the lack of interest given to speaking to anything other than a pre-teen audience. And now, with Discover the Night Sky sold out almost immediately (once again, as it is every time) - the only event that is genuinely aimed at a science-literate adult audience, the museum's response is "Sorry! These are really popular and there aren't enough tickets." Perhaps it's time to program MORE of these sessions if they are so popular? Or do us adults not buy enough ice-creams and hot chips to make educating us worthwhile?
Kush Tahnee 19 August, 2015 20:32
I agree I think that there should be far more Adult Only nights like Discover the Night Sky. And as JF said if its sold out very fast the demand must be there.
Jess 18 September, 2015 19:11
Hello, do you have a membership program or something? Absolutely devastated to have missed out this year, its my favourite activity of the year! Please Please Please Please put more shows on!!
Nat 9 January, 2016 10:40
Hi there, Will you be running more sessions like this in 2016? When will tickets be available?
mvbookings 10 January, 2016 09:08

Hi Nat,

We are planning to run two series of Discover the Night Sky in 2016. The first will be in May, but the dates have not be announced and tickets are not available yet. To keep informed on all coming events and announcements please subscribe to the MV newsletter e-News at

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